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From Religious Philosophy to Scientific Actuality


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One of many issues I’ve struggled with, being a really practically-minded particular person, is how do Flower Essences work? How can a barely detectable quantity of plant matter dissolved in brandy and water promote what seems to be profound psychological change in an individual, typically in a matter of minutes, with out it being the results of a placebo impact? There have been about 90 years of collected case research that present that Flower Essences are efficient, but it surely’s extraordinarily onerous to craft a proof of why they work that stands as much as scientific scrutiny. Frankly, most individuals drawn to Flower Essence Treatments aren’t scientists. We’re counselors and vitality healers and different well being practitioners who are inclined to wax philosophically concerning the non secular therapeutic we expertise with this therapeutic observe greater than concerning the bodily processes concerned. And but data from the sector of Psychoneuroimmunology—a brand new drugs crossing scientific information from endocrinology, immunology, psychology and neurology—has led to me consider {that a} scientific rationalization for the therapeutic worth of Flower Essences isn’t distant.

Till lately the Cartesian view that thoughts and physique function individually from each other has been the dominant paradigm in fashionable drugs. This unusually unscientific categorization stems from an historic settlement between the non secular and medical communities to permit scientific inquiry into the character of the self so long as it didn’t intervene with non secular doctrine. Throughout the time of Descartes it was determined that each one the workings of the thoughts, coronary heart and spirit (what we name psychological and emotional components) have been to stay within the area of non secular authority so scientists might proceed to discover the workings of the physique with out concern of religious persecution. This freed scientists to make thrilling and large strides in medical information that we rely upon as we speak. After a number of centuries of this sort of success, the strict division between physique, thoughts and spirit is now firmly embedded in what we westerners religiously uphold because the scientific technique. (And AMA persecution of non secular healers is extra widespread than the opposite approach round.)

And but it’s extremely illogical to consider that the functioning of our minds, which we expertise as residing in our heads that are composed of the identical bodily substances as the remainder of our our bodies, aren’t someway related to regular physiological enjoyablectioning. Jap therapeutic philosophy has at all times run counter to this assumption and most of us, in our coronary heart of hearts, must admit that, even when one accepts the thought of there being a Larger thoughts exterior of ourselves, the thought of 1’s private thoughts being separate from the physique flies within the face of widespread sense. 

Even a toddler can inform you that when individuals assume sad ideas (like “no person likes me”) they really feel unhappy and when individuals really feel unhappy they get a “unhealthy feeling” of their chests or a lump of their throats. And positively, a lot of the nice physicians earlier than Descartes assumed physique, thoughts and spirit have been interconnected if not truly one. Hippocrates, the traditional Greek doctor credited with being the daddy of recent drugs, even recognized 4 distinct emotional types of behaving that he related to particular sicknesses and later Sigmund Freud, the daddy of recent psychiatry, wrote at size about “conversion hysteria,” the tendency for unexpressed feelings to manifest as bodily complaints. Because the 60s and 70s quite a few researchers have been piecing collectively clues that present that our Cartesian assumptions, nevertheless helpful they could have been traditionally, are principally incorrect. That is what the sector of Psychoneuroimmunology is finding out and its findings are lastly beginning to flip the tide of how drugs is practiced in america and extra modifications are more likely to come.

What we’ve discovered thus far is that thoughts and physique are intricately linked and that small biochemical modifications on the molecular degree can have huge physiological results a minimum of in how our immune programs are inclined to perform. That is necessary as a result of Flower Essence Remedy is the results of the life work of a well-respected and sensible immunologist, Dr. Edward Bach.

To be continued:

From Immunology to Homeopathy to Bach Flower Essences


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