Fragrant Rituals: Caring for our Coronary heart throughout Leo Season


You could be acquainted with the proverb, “house is the place the center is,” first coined by the roman thinker, Pliny the Elder (23-79 A.D.).

Past the bodily area, the notion of residence speaks to the area the place we might find respite and solace by turning inwards and dropping into our coronary heart to find belonging and interior energy. The center can be the place we find our ardour, specific love and compassion; linked to the fire factor and the season of summer time, within the Chinese language five factor idea.

As we method the center of July, we additionally enter the astrological time interval of the fire signal of Leo (from July 22 – August 22, 2021). The signal of Leo is dominated by the Solar, the brightest star in our photo voltaic system and the middle of our life drive. Simply because the solar supplies us sustenance for all times, we’re reliant on a wholesome functioning coronary heart for our human existence.

Curiously to notice, the signal of Leo governs the center, the backbone and the higher again a part of the physique. The bodily operate of the center, a small muscular organ in regards to the dimension of our fist, is accountable for pumping and circulating blood all through the physique, supplying oxygen and vitamins to our tissue, eradicating waste and carbon dioxide, whereas regulating physique temperature. Just like our dependence on the solar, the center is the driving life drive that has an incredible affect on our emotional, psychological, and religious state.

In my current musing in regards to the approaching Leo season and its connection to the center I reflect upon the smart phrases of Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654 AD), a famend English botanist, herbalist, doctor and astrologer, who acknowledged the connection of natural vegetation, important oils and astrology. In his quoted assertion, “Calendula is an herb of the solar, and beneath Leo. The flowers strengthen the center exceedingly.”

To dive right into a deeper understanding of the therapeutic powers of calendula as a wonderful Leo solar flower confer with the PDF obtain created by Fragrant Research, which you’ll obtain right here.

The center connects to like and compassion, unhappiness and loss, pleasure and happiness. A “damaged” coronary heart from grief might have a crippling affect to the bodily physique, and when in a state of bliss, might set off the push of endorphins or hormones launched all through the mind and nervous system.

In accordance with Ayurveda, the normal hindu system of drugs, the center is related to the center chakra, an brisk field that resides in and across the physique, also referred to as anahata– a sanskrit phrase that interprets to “unharmed” and is acknowledged as the middle of compassion, love, empathy and forgiveness. Latest fashionable analysis has identified the center field to generate an electromagnetic rhythmic drive measurable as much as 10 toes past the bodily physique in all instructions, in keeping with a non-profit analysis group generally known as HeartMath.

After we carry love and a focus to the center, we’re affecting all ranges of consciousness. Using herbs and important oils gives that potential to create a optimistic affect mentally, emotionally, bodily and spiritually.

Some (of my) really helpful important oils to assist a harmonious coronary heart embrace however are usually not restricted to are yarrow, neroli, helichrysum, clary sage, rose, lavender, frankincense.

With the upcoming full moon on July twenty third, it’s an opportune time for launch and letting go, so embrace your interior Leo power, shine out of your coronary heart to launch what not serves you in your life. Observe a day by day meditation ritual together with a recipe, highlighted under. By instituting the aware observe of cultivating love and compassion right into a day by day routine, there could also be nice rewards of interior peace discovered within the coronary heart that one can return residence to usually.

Caring for the Coronary heart Recipe:

● 10 ml curler glass bottle
● 3 drops lavender
● 2 drops frankincense
● 2 drops neroli
● 9 ml service oil of calendula infused sunflower oil (see PDF article above)

Morning meditation Coronary heart Ritual:

1. Discover a comfy place to be in (sitting up or mendacity down).
2. Together with your Caring for the Coronary heart mix, roll into the palm of your arms and breathe in.
3. Subsequent roll the mix instantly onto the middle of your coronary heart.
4. Shut your eyes and arms over the center or your anahata chakra and recite “ I’m love”.
5. Meditate for five minutes to start out day by day.

Wishing you a blessed full moon with an open coronary heart. For additional steerage on the astrological and fragrant influences impacting your soul’s blueprint, I’m accessible for Astroma consultations, e-mail me at