Exploring Effort vs. Non-Effort in Meditation


Effortless Sunrise

Individuals typically speak about effortlessness in meditation, however would you even know what easy meditation would even like?

Let’s attempt an experiment proper now. Maintain your dominant hand out the place you possibly can see it. Now clench it right into a fist and squeeze. Squeeze it exhausting. Actually do it. Actually, actually exhausting.

Now let go of that squeezing. Really feel how that’s totally different.

So right here’s my query: I believe we will all agree that the squeezing is an motion. However what concerning the letting go? Is that additionally an motion?

In the best way we’re working on this video, for the needs of observe, this letting go will not be an motion. It’s a letting go or ceasing of the motion you had been doing beforehand. It’s a relinquishing of effort. It’s not-doing.

That is a simple meditation. Meditation with out doing. Strive it.

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