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Embodiment And Bodywork – Therapeutic massage Remedy Heart Palo Alto, CA

The state of embodiment implies a notion of our physicality in addition to a relationship to our sensations exterior the realm of considering. In different phrases, we’re engaged rather more within the mind stem moderately than the neocortical a part of our mind. Embodiment is a type of connectedness — the notice of how our our bodies are associated to the remainder of our state of being.

Ideas are solely part of the sense of embodiment if they’re perceived as felt bodily sensations. Most of us are engaged primarily in disembodied thought. We persuade ourselves that we really feel what we’re considering, however what is definitely occurring is a merging of the meanings of considering, sensing, and feeling into one another. We have to distinguish the expertise of those processes individually. An enormous a part of the therapeutic course of requires us to delve into the silent, felt world of sensation and notion.

There may be nice worth in each considering and sensing. We don’t actually need to assign a hierarchy of worth. As with all facets of life, it’s not the motion that issues as a lot as the attitude and consciousness with which it’s performed. I discovered how expansive the invention could possibly be when considering happens individually from sensing, and never concurrently as a operating inner commentary. The will to label an expertise or sensation as it’s occurring limits it. The flexibility to be within the expertise of sensing one’s physique with out commentary permits for an infinite interweaving of therapeutic prospects. It’s inconceivable to be concurrently within the realm of language and be open to new experiences of therapeutic for which phrases may not exist.

It’s on this realm of the ‘silent expertise’ throughout our bodywork at Therapeutic massage Remedy Heart Palo Alto, the place our personal consideration to sensing, with out considering, can really improve the method of inner bodymind therapeutic in order that the natural intelligence residing in us can really deliver wholeness to our dwelling, respiration system unimpeded by the operating commentary that’s normally occurring with us. This in essence is the power of acutely aware bodywork – the becoming a member of of quiet consideration of each the practitioner and the receiver with the inherent therapeutic processes ready to occur unencumbered.

~ Lucia Miracchi and Bonnie Gintis


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