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Elite Reformer with Diane Diefenderfer

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Hello, I am Diane Diefenderfer. That is Laura Hanlon. We’ll do, she’s going to do a complicated reformer exercise as we speak. It is a part of our Pilates important program. We work at a reasonably fast tempo to get the blood flowing, fluid motion, a lot of good respiratory.

So hope you take pleasure in it. All proper, let’s have you ever begin on the finish of your reformer and take a pleasant tall place to begin. Take a breath in and exhale, contract the low stomach and roll on down. We’re gonna begin with some leg and foot work. She’s on two reds and a inexperienced.

All proper, let’s come to prehensile, working the toes over the bar, actually opening up the highest of the ft. Good. Legs collectively. Impartial pelvis, lengthy backbone, flat stomach, and press out. You possibly can take one to stretch, actually lengthening the again with out forcing it.

You need your again down in your reformer. Take one other breath in and are available on house. Good. We’re gonna have her do 10. And in, and press, and in.

So it is a good fluid tempo with a pleasant breath corresponding to maintain your tempo. Her neck is sweet and lengthy. Her shoulders are down. You look good. She’s utilizing her hamstrings and her glutes.

Good. I feel you will have two extra. (Diane laughs) And good. Another. And nice.

Let’s convey the heels to the bar in a pleasant flexed foot place and start. Press, and in. You wanna be certain your heels are excessive. On the tip of the heel, at all times participating into that bar so you do not slip off. Sure.

Once more, actually firing the hamstrings to exit, to go in, to exit. So that you get loads of bang to your buck right here. Actually work the whole lot. Good and good. We’ll change to Pilates stance, slight turnout and start.

Press, and in. So she’s in a slim Pilates stance or in dance first place. You wanna be sure you preserve your pelvis impartial. You’re. Typically, folks are inclined to tuck right here, which isn’t so good.

Maintain that tailbone down on the mattress. Lovely. Good. And also you’re counting I am (laughs) hoping. And good.

We’ll go to parallel, nonetheless with the excessive heels. Nice. Go forward. And press, and in, and press. You possibly can have a pleasant excessive heel or releve in dance so long as you are not supinating or pronating.

So high of your insteps are actually going through the ceiling as are the knees. Good. Weight concerning the second toe, actually utilizing your seat and press, and good. And also you look nice. Actually warming up these legs.

Nice. All proper, let’s put the ft on the ball, on the ledge, sorry. Arms to the ceiling. Inhale, exhale, roll up. Each transition includes rolling up and down, bar down, and is derived to your 100s.

We’ll do important traditional 100s. In 5, out 5. She’s going to 2 reds. You might want to go a bit lighter, as much as you. All proper.

Wonderful. Shoulders are away from the shoulder blocks. She’ll begin along with her knees at tabletop. Her arms stretched with a slight pull, actually knocking down the scapula. Take a great breath in and exhale, attain lengthy.

And one, two, three, 4, 5, exhale. Three, 4, 5, two. Lovely. Out, out, all of the air. Third set.

Her arms are lengthy, but taught. Wrist straight. Yeah. Good. Two, three, 4, 5, 5.

She’s at a great spot, simply on the backside tip of the shoulder blade. Good, good. Add a bit turnout. Two totally different types, you are able to do parallel or turned out. I feel we’re at eight.

Out, out, out. She’s smiling good. 9. Good. If you exhale, deepen, deepen, deepen, deepen, deepen.

10, two, three, 4, 5. Is that basically 100? Another. She’s counting higher than me. And good.

Parallel inhale, bend, and relaxation. Good. Speaking and respiratory. (Diane laughs) Okay, good. All proper, ft within the straps.

We’re maintaining the identical springs for brief backbone stretch. Headrest down. Good. Fastidiously elongate your legs to 45-degree angle. Maintain the neck lengthy, head straight, and we’ll take an inhalation because the legs float again.

You may get a pleasant stretch. Use your abdominals to peel up. Lovely. Bending on the high to a pleasant diamond form and rolling down by means of the backbone, vertebra by vertebra, working the stomach to convey the heels out and in. Inhale, and exquisite, exhale.

Proceed. So I requested you to be sure you’re respiratory. You probably have a unique breath sample you are used to, that is okay. The breath ought to mix with the motion. Typically, it is fast.

Typically, it is slower as right here. Simply do not maintain your breath. Lovely, Laura. Open the again up, attain the tailbone down and out. I feel that is coming as much as quantity 4.

Let’s do yet another inhale. Benefit from the hamstring stretch. Good. Actually attain these toes. Good.

Bending. Good. She actually has her knees hovering. She’s not dropping her knees into her physique. Lovely, Laura.

And good. You possibly can bend your knees, take your straps to your arms for coordination. So similar springs once more. We preserve it shifting. Let’s have you ever begin legs at tabletop, do a couple of right here, after which some with the knees manner in.

All proper, common, superior coordination. Go forward. Attain. (Laura respiratory closely) Knee steady and bend, and attain. Open, shut.

The opening and shut is slim. Simply to problem that pelvic stability. Good. And 4. Pull with the stomach.

Another is 5. Good. We’ll do 5 extra with the knees pulling manner in in direction of your face to your eyes. So in case your pelvis lifts right here, it is due to the deep connection in your abdominals, not since you’ve simply tucked the pelvis. Wonderful.

Two extra. Sure, pull. And she or he’s stored her head up the entire time. If it’s essential put your head down in-between, that is okay. And good.

Bravo, you have to be heat. All proper, loop your poles and we’re gonna have you ever roll up. We’ll change to 1 spring for rowing. So she’ll use the center pink. You possibly can go lighter if it’s essential.

Headrest down. There’s many rowings. I’ve completed others in different of my courses. Right now, she’s gonna face again and do two. All proper, so beginning actually tall, stunning backbone.

Wonderful. I will get out of your manner. Go forward and pull. (Laura respiratory closely) Contract, chin to the chest, working the abdominals, nonetheless exhaling. Current the arms, inhale.

Contract the stomach, exhale. Stretch it again, inhaling and circle. Head to the knees and float ahead, getting a great stretch. Once more, pulling one and contracting, two. It is a good lengthy exhalation.

Sit tall, attain and switch, press. Good. And she or he’s stretching her arms out, not up, in order to not overstrain the shoulder. Good. We’ll do two with a hinged again, inhale and hinge, flat again.

Lovely. Ooh, good. And attain it out, and contract. Attain it out once more and circle. Lovely.

She stored her shoulders down as her arms got here round. Another of those and hinge that again as like a board. Sit tall, out of your hips, attain. And good, Laura, stretch and attain it round, and relaxation. You might loop the poles.

Good. I am gonna have her do all of the altering as you might be at house. Take your lengthy field, all proper? Good. So we’re gonna do some lengthy field works.

Conserving that one spring within the center. And we’ll perform a little little bit of spinal extension into hyperextension. Deliver the bar as much as a decrease, not too excessive. Yeah, reasonable top. She’ll lie inclined on the field going through that manner.

Chest simply off the sting. Fingers on high of the bar. All proper. Press the carriage all the best way out. We’re gonna keep right here for a second.

The neck is lengthy. The buns are tight. The legs are engaged. The ft are pointed. The entire physique’s working and her stomach’s pulled in away from her field.

Nice. Let’s shrug the shoulders, after which depress the shoulder blades, and shrug them, and press them and maintain. Now let’s come up right into a swan, inhaling up, and exhaling down. She’s actually pulling that stomach superbly away from the field. Three extra.

Inhale, elevate the chest, open the sternum, exhale, decrease. Wonderful. Lovely. Inhale, elevate. Do you are feeling like a swan?

Exhale, decrease. She’s maintaining that again of the leg. Hamstrings, actually engaged. Lifted up superbly and exhale, decrease. Good.

You might step off over right here and put the bar down. Good. And she or he’s going to go round, get her straps for backstroke. All proper, so… Sure, ma’am.

Good. (Diane laughing) It is useful should you get the straps, then lie down as a substitute of getting there, after which looking for these straps, that occurs to lots of people. All proper, good. So she lies down, her shoulders are simply on the edge, knees to the chest, arms to the sternum, elbows extensive, deep stomach. All proper.

And also you attain legs and arms perpendicular, open them barely. Inhale, attain. Exhale, bend. Inhale, one, exhale, two. I am standing again right here.

You are good, however you would not wanna open your legs too extensive, all people. Good and pull, after which two extra. So we’ll do 5 this path. Attain throughout the room. Good.

She’s bringing her arms proper over her lap, actually works the pectorals, and reverse it. Inhale. The pinnacle goes again with care, up and bend, and curl. And one. Circle, two, shut, three, bend, 4, curl, 5, and attain, and again.

Legs and arms are precisely a perpendicular. Lovely. Good. And round, not too extensive. You are good.

I am simply reminding our viewers. Good! Another. Good. Lovely. And use the neck properly to convey chin to chest.

All proper, my pricey, you are as much as teaser. All proper, that stomach’s heat now. All proper. You’re taking a second the place you are type of splayed out right here enjoyable. All proper, I am out of your manner.

She’s gonna take a breath and curl into the teaser, discovering it precisely. And one, and down. And two, and good. Another is three. And also you maintain, squeeze beneath your armpits.

Inhale, exhale, lay out. Wonderful. Breathe. Every part occurs directly, stomach, arms, legs, and one. If it’s essential bend the knees a bit bit, that is an choice.

Her shoulders are down. Her chest is lifted. Inhale, exhale, lay out. Good. And also you do a 3rd set.

And scoop the stomach. So easy, and one, and decrease. Two and decrease. And exquisite, and good. Breathe in and roll down.

Good. All proper, thanks very a lot. You will get off the horse. (laughs) Simply kidding. And we didn’t do pulling straps, so I am gonna add it in right here now.

All proper, so go forward and face the opposite manner. The good factor concerning the lengthy field is, just about, the spring stays the identical. All proper, simply to work the triceps a bit bit extra right here. All proper, lengthy line, good tight buns. Go forward, my pricey, pull again proper to your hips and thru.

Good. 5 of those, 5 of the T-shape. So it is actually working her, properly, triceps, pulling the scapula down. Good. She has a bit little bit of an higher physique arch, which is sweet.

After which to the T. You might do that with a very flat again if you want. However what I like is that her neck is in step with her backbone. Good. Good.

Proper. Alrighty, you’ll be able to loop these straps they usually’re gonna relaxation for some time, and I will have you ever swing over right here. Take the field off. Feeling good? Sure.

Okay, she feels good. (Diane laughs) We’re gonna proceed with the lengthy stretch collection. So lengthy stretch, down stretch, up stretch, elephant. All proper, go forward and take your springs. Bar goes again up.

When you’re a bit bit extra petite in top, you may wanna have the next bar, and she or he’s gonna use a inexperienced and a blue. You possibly can use a pink and a blue. You possibly can use what you are used to at house. Headrest up. All proper, lengthy stretch, proper hand, from the place you might be, left foot, left hand, proper foot, seamless mount of the reformer.

Good. Tight buttocks. Wonderful. You are participating seat, hamstrings, pelvic flooring, abdominals. Lovely neck alignment.

Ooh, I adore it. Good. Press out, inhale and exhale. 5 instances. Inhale.

Conserving that plank. Nice. Press and over. Good. Press.

Managed, it is not an excellent huge distance. Sure. Is that 5? All proper. Gracefully kneel, bringing your ft to your shoulder blocks and also you’re up, you are sweating a bit bit.

(Diane laughs) You are as much as the down stretch. So arc your physique ahead. Maintain the buttocks very tight, abdominals in. Wonderful. Inhale again.

Maintain the top up. Exhale, three, two, one. Two extra. I discovered from Ron Fletcher and Romana that this was taught by Joe Pilates, as an enormous exhalation and arched again to empty the lungs. Another.

So your again is fastidiously hyperextended with good management. And let’s take a second. Inhale, exhale, and stretch again. Lovely. You are heat.

(each laughing) All proper, you could rise up for up stretch. So come on as much as shoulder blocks with the heels. You are on a lifted heel. Folks, be sure you’re not too excessive in your releve or your excessive heel. Ft centered properly.

No supinating or pronating. All proper, up stretch, press out, one. Decrease pelvis, tighten the buns, the physique comes ahead with the higher physique rounded. One easy breath, inhale and exhale. Inhale.

Wonderful. And are available over that bar, hips ahead. Let’s do 5 of those. I am saying, “let’s,” she’s doing it. (Diane laughing) Good.

There’s an actual good abdomen pull on the finish of it. Ooh, is that 5? All proper, let’s have you ever go to flat ft, barely ahead and you’ll attain down, and take off the inexperienced spring. So now, preserve your spring gentle with nice care. Sure.

This is the elephant, hips over the ft, shoulders over the arms. So there’s that rounded elephant again. This is her trunk. (Diane laughing) Stomach in. Wonderful.

Go forward, Laura. So this spring is kind of gentle. The carriage is kind of gentle. It is all about that pulling the carriage ahead with the abdominals. Sure.

Stretching the again this fashion. This manner. Good concave, convex curve. She pulled up her quads with out locking in her knees. Wonderful.

Perhaps yet another is nice, after which fastidiously place your arms to the carriage. Take a breath in. If it’s essential bend your knees, it is high-quality. And roll up fastidiously. So you do not wanna rise up too quick, folks.

Unfurl, and good. All proper. Then fastidiously step off your carriage. And we’re as much as doing the lengthy again stretch. So Laura’s choosing a pink and a yellow.

You do not need it too heavy, too gentle. All proper, my pricey, go forward and get onto your reformer, hand and a foot, hand and a foot. Heels into the shoulder blocks. Fingers and thumbs are ahead. Wonderful.

Go forward, press out excessive, she’s tucked her pelvis, launched and tuck the pelvis. So that you’re actually utilizing loads of low stomach. As at all times, pelvic flooring, interior thighs, seat. Another. Elevate the pubic bone, sit down and reverse.

Sitting down, urgent out. That is one other one you wanna preserve shifting. Inhale, exhale. Wonderful. Straight again, sit, press and elevate, yet another.

And good, Laura. And Bravo! You might step off. Okay, we’re as much as abdomen therapeutic massage. So I will get the gripper and you could change your springs to 2 pink. And everybody, you wanna be certain your bar is just not too excessive on this one, when you have had a excessive bar.

All proper, so we go right here roughly relying in your flexibility in your hips and your energy. You are good to go. All proper. All proper, ft in a Pilates stance. Good.

Wonderful. All proper, so I’ve completed a tutorial on this. When you’re all for a bit bit extra data, you may wanna watch the tutorial on abdomen therapeutic massage. It is a difficult one. Inhale tall, exhale, contract, pulling that stomach in and start.

Eight instances, one and flex, and elevate, and bend. So a couple of issues to notice (laughs), because the physique is in a pleasant excessive curve, not a deep dropped curve, the stomach is concave, the again is rounded, arms sloping, interior thighs tightening, the heels collectively. Wonderful. Interior thighs squeezed. She hasn’t dropped her head too low, it is simply in a pleasant alignment along with her neck and the remainder of her backbone.

Are we at eight? Nice. And are available and take your arms straight behind you. And the following half, flex and elevate, and in. So nonetheless abdomen therapeutic massage, nonetheless feeling that inner therapeutic massage with a flat again and a superbly open chest.

I like this for posture and to get out of the hunched place that so many individuals discover themselves in. Good. Good. Attain. You virtually wanna really feel such as you’re gonna elevate off the reformer.

There’s that a lot elevate beneath your seat. Good. And quantity, that is eight. Another. (Diane laughing) Good.

And good. It’s worthwhile to change your springs for the attain and the twist. So let’s go to a pink and a yellow. Wonderful. All proper.

And we’re not gonna do the flexing of the ft, however the attain is right here and press, one. Attain previous me and two. Good. Approach on the market into outer area. Strengthening the spinal muscle tissues.

Let’s do 4 to 5, a lot. Good. And good. Take your arms to the facet. Breathe in, rotate and middle.

Lovely. She’s actually lifting up as she rotates moderately than merely rotating. And her hips are sq., and her heels and legs are collectively. Wonderful. Another every manner.

Nice. Ensure you’re even. You possibly can have arms right here. All proper, come on in. Let’s go parallel and stretch out.

Simply give your self a second right here. Yeah, I am not gonna pull an excessive amount of, though it does really feel good. (Laura laughs) After which you could come again in. All proper, you occurred to be on the precise springs for semi-circle. So go forward.

You do not want that. Some folks could use bar up. You might put the bar down. It does depend upon, not simply your top, however your proportions. Be certain that your knees are wholesome to do that train.

All proper, rolling down and we’ll have her legs, ft in a Pilates stance place, ensuring you are not gonna slip. Stretch the arms all the best way and the hips are excessive. So a beautiful stretch within the hip flexor within the thigh. Good. Okay, press out, inhale.

(Laura respiratory closely) After which she rolls, ribs, waist, hips, tail, and lifts, and rolling down. Good. In your tailbone, the again of your pelvis right here very properly could contact the spring. You are manner down in there. Another, Laura.

Attain and decrease, and good. Maintain it, roll down and actually drop your pelvis with management. Return excessive. Good. And rolling, breathe as you would like.

(Laura respiratory closely) That is appropriate. (Diane chuckles) And roll. Good. Good. Another and I will provide you with a stretch, which I can not do for y’all at house, however (laughs) possibly you will have a companion.

And there is a good thigh, hip flexor stretch. Cautious of the knees. All proper. Good, my pricey, roll on out. It is a bit sticky.

Typically, it helps when you have a towel (laughs) beneath you. All proper, good. Let’s have you ever roll up properly. Inhaling, exhaling. Each time you roll up and down, you are gonna use these abdominals.

We’re as much as chest growth. All proper, so one inexperienced. Okay, good. Laura’s robust. You do not need a inexperienced on a pink although.

No. No, let’s take the pink off. (Diane laughing) All proper, we’ll do chest growth. She is going to do chest growth again. All proper.

That is the model I’ve discovered from Ron Fletcher. A few of you will have the ft over the top of the carriage. I like knees in opposition to the shoulder blocks with an imaginary line up the physique. Lovely. Let’s pull again, maintain it, flip the top proper and left, and middle, return.

It is a huge inhalation. (Laura respiratory closely) Left and proper, and middle, return, and pull, proper and left. The entire physique’s working. Good. The seat is tight, the stomach’s in, the shoulders are down.

Sure. Good. And once more, press. And also you clearly look the place you are going. Ron Fletcher was actually adamant about that, that we actually see one thing.

Look, and look, and there you go, proper out to the ocean. (Diane laughing) All proper, let’s have you ever flip round and do some going through from upfront, whilst you’re at it, which is very like teaser. Good turnaround. Good teaser arms, all proper. However we’re gonna add a bit circle bit right here.

That is good. So come on up. Properly bent. Slight bend, no more, not wrist. Good, let’s go ahead.

Twice, inhale and exhale. Once more, actual physique management all through your entire physique and go ahead and circle twice, and down, and up, and reverse it. Nice. Facet up and to your sides, and facet up, and that is sufficient. Good.

Within the curiosity of maintaining this shifting. All proper, you might be as much as the twist. Oh boy, oh boy. All proper, so we’ll preserve it on a pink or a inexperienced. You are able to do a inexperienced?

Yeah. Laura’s on a inexperienced. Okay. Go forward and take your gear there. Hand and hand, and foot and foot.

Good. There’s totally different variations. I like this one as properly. So hips are excessive. The stomach’s in and she or he’s gonna press out, inhaling, trying again in direction of me, and exhaling, the stomach pulls the hips excessive.

Three extra. Twisting, squeezing the interior thighs and pulling. And attain. Good. Lovely.

The shoulders are down. Another. Nice. And press into the carriage. Sure, certainly.

All proper. I might prefer to choreograph one thing so that you can waltz round there, however let’s go to the opposite facet. (Diane laughing) All proper, good. Okay. Hand and hand, foot and foot.

Barely catty-cornered right here. Sure. Nice. All proper, twist it out and attain again, trying over your left hip and pull up, and press. And that is one other one the place breath is crucial to maintain the fluid motion.

Inhaling. Virtually at all times, not at all times, the carriage, when it goes out, you are opening the springs. You may be inhaling if you’re closing it, you may be exhaling. That is type of a great rule to recollect. It isn’t at all times, but it surely’s more often than not.

Good, Laura. Wonderful. Whew, the way you doing? Good. Okay. (Diane laughing)

Let’s go forward and sit down, and we’re gonna go to lengthy backbone stretch. So two reds is nice. We’re getting near being completed, however not fairly. And you may put your headrest down. You are able to do that when you are down there and we’ve the double-looped straps, so she’s gonna take the longer.

If it’s essential get an extension strap, accomplish that or modify your straps. In order that they’re about that for much longer, roughly. All proper, let’s convey the legs down and out. (Laura respiratory closely) Good. We’ll do three every path or you’ll.

(Diane laughing) Palms are down, neck is lengthy. Good. Go forward and let the legs float again. (Laura respiratory closely) And once more, ranging from the abdominals, peel the carriage and the toes undergo the roof, and open, slim V and roll down. The width of that V is very like she was in a backstroke on the field.

Once more, inhaling, benefit from the hamstring stretch. Exhaling. Good. Open. Sure.

Consider the width of the body right here. Circling utilizing your stomach and shutting. And one and rolling, two, and three, and rolling, 4, anchoring sacrum, 5 and 6. Reverse it. Good.

And up you go. Attain. Good. Shut, interior thighs. In order she rolls down, the toes are being pulled that manner, so she actually will get that stretch.

Use your hamstrings and your stomach, and circle round, and roll, and shut, and down. Her arms are properly positioned on the carriage. Bravo. Another. Really feel good?

Good. (Diane laughs) And up. Sure. Lovely. Articulation of the backbone.

And with the lengthened ropes or straps, they get a bit bit totally different really feel of stretch and management. Wonderful. You possibly can bend your knees and are available out of that. Proper. Certainly.

Okay, you might be as much as knee stretches. All proper, two reds, so your springs are set already on the 2 reds. Foot bar to your top, reasonable or a bit greater, should you’re a bit bit extra petite and stature. Good. So I’ve completed one other tutorial on this as a result of it is a devilish train to get.

We’ll do the three, 10 reps of every. It is old-fashioned. All proper, stomach pulled in, rounded backbone, tucked pelvis and go one and in, and two. Good. Good.

So maintaining that tucked, rounded pelvis is crucial on the primary one, she’s actually solely shifting her thighs forwards and backwards. If you do 10, cease. Wonderful. You launch to a flat again. Good.

And go. 10. There’s the lengthy line. The pelvis is launched. Her sits bones are pointing again over her shoulder blocks.

The again is completely flat. The stomach’s nonetheless in. Good, Laura. Good. Good.

And her fingers are prolonged. Lovely. Rounding the again once more, knees off barely and go. One, after which this one, you wanna preserve it shifting. See how low her knees are and she or he’s not straightening her legs all the best way, so you do not need it to be punchy.

Good. Good. Wonderful. Whew! She’s heat. Okay, we’re virtually completed.

Let’s do some parallel splits. So you’ll be able to rise up, we’re nonetheless on the 2 reds. You possibly can go lighter if you want and take one foot again to the shoulder block fastidiously, different foot up. So she’s in a V place, sq. the tendencies to do that, and we wanna preserve her sq.. All proper, go forward and press out.

Take your time. And in. There’s a lot of back and front controls, I’ve completed a few of these in different courses that I’ve supplied on Pilates anytime. I like this parallel one. Oh, that is fairly easy due to the parallel alignment.

Do like 5. And in your final one, bend your knee. To come back in, you bought a beautiful stretch of the hip flexor over there. Altering sides. Good.

Good. And go, and in. Good. Again. And the stomach is what pulls your hips to the ceiling.

The thighs are pulled up with out locking. Good, Laura. Her foot is in good alignment. If you’ve completed your fifth one, bending, be all huge, actual cautious on these. Yeah.

Wonderful. All proper, you could sit down in your reformer at a 3rd pink and we’ll end our class with operating in place, which is a pleasant approach to end your exercise. Get the reformer again in a prepared place for tomorrow’s class, (Diane laughing) the place you’d most likely begin with the three reds or the reds within the inexperienced. Okay, headrest again up and let’s go forward and place the balls of your ft on the middle. Good.

Good alignment. Wonderful. And we’re gonna run away. No. (Diane laughing) Press on out, inhale.

(Laura respiratory closely) Now develop longer. Lovely. Exhale and start. Inhale, exhale. Good.

The hips and pelvis are steady as a result of she’s actually utilizing her transverse abdominals. Her seat muscle tissues are energetic with out tucking. It is one other tutorial I’ve completed about maintaining the pelvis impartial in leg and foot work. Wonderful. She’s passing up moderately than punching the heel down.

Good. Couple extra. Inhale. The neck seems to be stunning. Final set, and let’s stand up.

Flex your heels down. So we’re type of again to the place we began class as we speak. Bend your knees. Come house. You are able to stroll out the door, ft, not earlier than you rise up.

Feed on the ledge, arms to the ceiling. Exhale, roll up, and superbly completed. I hope you take pleasure in this exercise. Hope it is stimulating to your physique, your thoughts, and your spirit. Thanks.


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