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Earth Vitality – Faulk TaiChi

Climate has been risky these days throughout the U.S., snow in Southern California, violent storms within the plains, report warmth waves within the southeast. Mom Nature is saying take note of me. Care for me. You want me.

We do concentrate in Tai Chi, bringing consideration, then intention to how we’re standing, the place our weight is, how we’re connecting with the earth. We visualize standing on wealthy soil, with roots shifting from the underside of our ft deep into the earth. This “rooting” offers us stability, helps us convey up earth power to nourish and invigorate us. Take into consideration a tree, actively working proper now to convey up power all through is trunk, on the brink of blossom with new buds and leaves.

The bushes look naked, like nothing is occurring, when actually, so much is occurring. The Tai Chi classics state that with Tai Chi, power comes up from the earth by means of the underside of the ft, travels by means of the legs, is commanded by the waist, strikes by means of arms and blossoms within the fingers. We’re just like the tree. The brand new leaves are the results of a coordinated effort from the tree, all components working collectively. Identical to the tree, our physique is unified, working as a unit so our limbs are a part of the entire, not engaged on their very own.

Tai Chi at Heartwood

Earth power offers us life, sustains and nourishes us. Subsequent time you take a look at a tree, say “thanks.”


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