E-newsletter July 2021


Hope everyone seems to be having a secure and glad summer season. The pandemic shouldn’t be over but and r Delta variant circumstances are rising, so keep vigilant, get vaccinated, put on a masks, hand sanitize, and wash palms, and so forth!

The United States Koushu occasion befell in Baltimore final weekend. There’s a a lot greater end up than anticiplated. There have been 70 fights or so. Matthew Lee uploaded the fights on his Youtube right here: https://www.youtube.com/consumer/NexusJunisBlue

Extra data on United States Koushu group is right here: https://usksf.org/

Thanks Matthew on your laborious work and dedication to Chinese language Martial arts. We bought to fulfill up with people within the park and apply push palms and sticky sword sparring.

We are going to attempt to carry Grasp James Fu to USA in July 2022 if all goes effectively in USA with pandemic. We want to have him train the 85 lengthy type and do seminars within the Washington D.C. space. If you’re , please attain me.

This pandemic for me has been specializing in neigong from each the Jinshan Pai (Gold mountain sect) and Longmen Pai (Dragon Gate sect) traditions. Jin Shin Pai comes from Yang Chengfu’s and Yang Jianhou’s pupil and disciple Zhang Qilin. He discovered some neigong from Yang household and in addition studied within the Jin Shan Pai custom.

One frequent space of Neigong for each Taijiquan and Neigong are:

  • Qi fundamental: Yang qi strikes upward, and Yin qi strikes downward. Jin shan pai acknowledges women and men are totally different. In males the Qi goes up the Du channel, and down the Ren. Girls are reverse, up Ren and down Du channel. One clarification is obvious when lifeless physique is floating down a river. Yin is heavy and yang is lighter. a person physique tends to drift face down and lady physique will float face up when lifeless. The Taoist understood this.
  • Du Na and Hu Xi All the time begins with exhale, to get the whole evacuation of stale air first. The chest stays quiet.
  • Key: Yi: thoughts leads Qi, qi leads physique. Physique is final. Neigong is a strengthening of thoughts and Qi, objective shouldn’t be the physique. We solely use physique to assist qi and thoughts.
  • Physique positions: 4 Physique positions: for each Taiji and Neigong. 2 are straight, and a couple of are curved.
  • 1. Xu ling Ding Jin- straightening, liberating of the neck, a push up in opposition to downward stress, use some inside power to elevate. This helps Qi go down.
  • 2. Chen Jian Zhui Zhou: curve. Shoulders down Elbows sink and drop down. A sinking down from a heavy buoyancy.
  • 3. Han Xiong Be Bei. curve. Sink inward/curve/spherical, chest/plexus: launch rigidity, like loosening a drum head rigidity. Cupping of again between shoulder blades. “Tiger Again” so entrance of physique sucks barely in/whereas again of physique “jiajie” curve out/rounded. Again puffs out and fills with Qi is rounded.
  • 4. Tune Yao Zuo Kua: straightening. Chill out, fleshy a part of decrease again, sit within the hips. Sitting is like in a chair straight, then loosen up decrease again (final three vertebrae L3,L4,L5) in direction of the again of the chair, this opens ming males. Shen guan Ding: move by to prime of head. That is much like the primary: within the 1st we elevate head and qi goes down, on this we decrease again and Qi goes UP to the highest. so #1 is a sinking of qi down, and #4. is a Qi to go to prime. Acknowledge this within the respiratory because the exhale helps qi go up, and Inhale helps qi go down.

We’ve lately up to date the web site to incorporate topics for sufferers and college students on Roborant (Restorative) and Inside Nourish Medical Qigongs. Click on on this hyperlink: https://taijiclub.stay/medical-qigong-internal-nourish-and-roborant/

The Inside Nourish qigong methodology was developed within the Ming and Qing dynasties. It makes use of static postures with Du-na decrease diapraghm ‘dan tien” respiratory. It may possibly assist with the administration of Power digestive and respiratory points. 

Roborant Qigong: This methodology has origins in Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It nourishes the Kidney Qi which is the basis in Chinese language drugs. It makes use of sitting postures.

Some Taiji Tui Na/Therapeutic massage web page is now up right here: https://taijiclub.stay/tui-na-taiji-massage/

A couple of different pages had been added on Diagnostics in Chinese language drugs and Palpation, and some others however these are those you may be capable of get some info which may have the opportunity that can assist you.

Face Therapeutic massage factors:

Yesterday marked the birthday of Yang Zhenduo. The Yang Household Affiliation has requested for members to do a Commemorative Efficiency for Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo’s Birthday to Yang Zhenduo calling out the names of the 49 Demo type. GM Yang Zhenduo (July 29 1926 – Nov. 17, 2020), Relaxation in Peace. 49 Yang Household Demonstration type (Public/Standarized Worldwide Yang Household Taijiquan Affiliation model).

Have a blessed remainder of your summer season!- Matthew