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Dzogchen Meditation – We Made A Easy Information For You

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Day by day Meditation with Paul Harrison

Dzogchen Meditation – We Made A Easy Information For You


As a meditation trainer, many individuals have requested me about Dzogchen meditation. And on this information, I’m comfortable to share every part that you’ll want to learn about this glorious method and its corresponding philosophy.

You’ll quickly see why Dzogchen meditation is so useful on the subject of attaining enlightenment.

With this information you’ll be taught to take pleasure in Rig Pa, which is a transparent and blissful thoughts. Certainly, that’s the essential goal of Dzogchen meditation.

There are some things I want to point out first. Principally, I’d wish to clarify that this can be a simplified information to Dzogchen. Dzogchen has all the time been written about in overly advanced ways in which alienate newcomers. I need to make it doable for the common particular person within the West to apply this glorious method. And so, I a simplifying it from its unique teachings. Nonetheless, I’ll focus on most of the classical teachings as effectively. included notes on the classical strategies as effectively. I hope this pleases each newcomers and traditionalists.


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So, what’s Dzogchen Meditation?

In a nutshell, Dzogchen means seeing the true nature of the thoughts. It’s neither Nirvana nor Samara, each of that are purely states of thoughts. Reasonably, it’s the high quality of seeing absolutely the truest nature of the thoughts.

Now, after we discuss seeing the true nature of the thoughts, we additionally imply seeing the true nature of actuality itself, as a result of in Dzogchen thoughts and actuality are one. So, while you apply Dzogchen you’ll be taught to see true actuality.

What does that imply?

Normally, our view of actuality is distorted by our ideas, our feelings, and our believes. To see the precise, true nature of actuality, we should transfer past all these ideas and feelings. We should be taught to be pure consciousness, which is known as Rig Pa.

And so Dzogchen is about attaining this Pure Consciousness, this Rig Pa.

This can do wonders to your psychological well being as a result of. So most of the points we expertise are triggered as a result of we don’t see the true nature of actuality. So, while you do the train (beneath), you’ll be able to count on it to make you’re feeling significantly better, extra relaxed, extra targeted, extra calm.

It should additionally make it easier to to obtain enlightenment. Certainly, many masters have spoke of how highly effective a way Dzogech meditation is for attaining enlightenment, akin to Prahevajra, Manjushrimitra, Guru Padmasambhava and Vimalamitra. Many even declare that Dzogchen could cause spontaneous awakening.

The Philosophy of Dzogchen – Core Ideas You Want To Know

Earlier than we get into really doing Dzogchen, you will need to perceive the core ideas.

Firstly, there Rig Pa, which is pure consciousness. That is the thoughts past the realm of ideas and feelings. It’s the purest type of acutely aware consciousness. And that is not one thing that we obtain. It’s one thing that’s current in all of us always. However we have to quieten and calm the thoughts with a purpose to expertise Rig Pa.

Subsequent, we must always recognise the there’s Dharma Physique, which is the empty essence of the thoughts. Additionally, Enjoyment Physique, which is the radiant thoughts and clear nature of the thoughts. And eventually, Transformation-Physique, which is the common compassion of the thoughts. These are supreme states of thoughts. So, the thoughts is empty, radiant, and filled with compassion. I shall be discussing these are we get into our Dzogchen meditation.

How To Do Dzogchen Meditation (My Fashionable Means)

Begin by saying to your self that you simply vow to see with True Thoughts (Rig Pa) and that you simply vow to not be deceived be the lies of the thoughts. Primarily, which means you will notice the reality as a substitute of seeing a warped model of actuality primarily based on worry / need / feelings / unfaithful beliefs.

Subsequent, we transfer into our meditation. For almost all of this we’re practising a mixture of Anapanasati and Vipassana, each of which you’ll be taught in my information to Buddhist Meditation. So, start by closing your eyes, respiration mindfully for at least ten minutes.

As soon as you’re feeling calm and targeted, examine the character of your thoughts. As a result of you have got been meditating, try to be conscious of an empty area inside your thoughts. Tune in to that area. Examine it. Discover how this true type of thoughts is empty and silent. It’s pure. Acquaint your self with that pureness.

Subsequent, discover that radiant nature of the thoughts. Discover that vitality that’s just like the solar, radiating its gentle outwards. As you change into conscious of this pure vitality, realise which you can determine to make use of this vitality in compassionate methods, for the good thing about all.

Spend a couple of minutes right here, investigating the pure and radiant nature of the thoughts. Then step by step return to regular.

Purpose to take care of clear consciousness (Rig Pa) in your each day life. A technique to do that is with the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness.

Resolve that you’re going to attempt to dwell a lifetime of good and of the Aristocracy. That’s, you’ll do your finest to all the time act from a spot of compassion, being mindfully conscious of your actions and their karmic affect.

Use compassionate methods to assist others to take pleasure in Rig Pa. A technique you are able to do that is by sharing this text.

That is my trendy method of practising Dzogchen. I created this technique as a result of I imagine that it embraces an important practices of Dzogchen whereas additionally being easy sufficient for newcomers to strive. That mentioned, allow us to now take a look at conventional Dzogchen.

Conventional Means Of Doing Dzogchen Meditation

There are quite a few methods of doing Dzogchen, which we are going to now take a look at.

For starters, some folks (particularly these with superior expertise in meditation) can instantly grasp Rig Pa (that is the Unusual for of Dzogchen).

Nonetheless, most individuals will should be guided to Rig Pa via the Frequent type of Dzogchen, which includes varied meditative practices. This apply ought to start with Samatha (focus meditation) and can embrace Buddhist Mahamudra apply (which is, in essence, the apply of acquainting ourselves with each the vacancy of thoughts and the infinite playful vitality of the thoughts).

There are additionally many different workout routines which might be used to grasp Dzogchen. They vary from bodily workout routines akin to QiGong to meditation. Conventional there are additionally particular Dzogchen workout routines, such because the contemplative practices of  khregs chod (reducing via) and thod rga ‘leaping over’. Khregs Chod is the apply of current in empty thoughts, of realising the pure empty consciousness on the coronary heart of our being. Thod Rga is a extra advanced system of workout routines that features physique postures, respiration methods, and strategies of gazing.

After this we come to Auxillary Dzogchen, the objective of which is to take care of the Pure State (gnas lugs) always, even when sleeping.

Significantly essential are the 9 Automobiles of the Nyingma Custom. So let’s check out these.

The 9 yanas of the Nyingma custom

These are 9 “Automobiles” that support us within the path to awakening. There are Three Outer Automobiles, Three Interior Automobiles, and Three Secret Automobiles of Highly effective Transformative Strategies.

They’re as follows:

Three Outer Automobiles: These are the Sravaka Automobile, the Pratyekabuddha Automobile, and the Bodhisattva Automobile. On this autos we start by vowing to dwell with Rig Pa and to flee Samsara. We then goal to see true actuality, the fact that’s past type, and this contains seeing our true, formless self. Subsequent we do meditative practices, which as largely primarily based on Samatha and Vipassana. We additionally apply the twelve ascetic practices and specifically we keep away from over-indulgence and self-punishment (principally we apply The Center Means).  This then results in one of many levels of awakening which you can find out about right here. For the Boddhisatva Path, we additionally vow to dedicate our lives to acts of compassion and to ending struggling.

Interior Automobiles (Tantra Automobiles)

These are the autos of kriyā tantra, caryā tantra and yoga tantra. These are all about self self-discipline. They contain totally different exterior workout routines. For example, there are particular kinds of diets that we will need to have, in addition to particular methods of maintaining clear. The tantra autos do additionally embrace particular meditative practices, primarily centred across the 4 realities (actuality of self, actuality of the deity, mantras and rig pa thoughts). I cannot try to offer detailed recommendation on these autos as, in truth, they aren’t a specialty of mine.

Automobiles of Highly effective Transformative Strategies

These are: the automobile of mahāyoga, the automobile of anuyoga and the automobile of atiyoga. This begins with us visualizing that we’re an excellent Buddha and that we’re performing noble deeds to assist others, in addition to visualizing that we have now full Rig Pa and blissful thoughts. This visualization should be finished with the utmost of focus. After this we should attempt to take care of Rig Pa. We do that in two methods. Firstly, via tsalung, which is the place we’re engaged on purifying the refined winds within the physique. Secondly, tummo, which entails a mixture of respiration methods and visualizations.


Dzogchen is a strong method of attaining enlightenment.

Sadly, it’s not as broadly taught as different methods. Certainly, most lamas in Tibet refuse to show Dzogchen till their college students have taken superior coaching in self reflection, karmic purification, and compassion. Nonetheless, there have been some notable exceptions, akin to His Holiness Jigme Puntsok, who started instructing Dzogchen within the West within the late Nineties.

Nonetheless, even these trendy teachings often overcomplicate the method.

I hope that with this information I’ve produced a type of Dzogchen that even newcomers can strive. I’ve finished my finest to honor the custom whereas additionally making it accessible. I hope you have got loved this information. To be taught extra about Dzogchen, e-book a web based meditation lesson with me.


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