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bowl with smokeI’ve been ready for years to “see how issues will prove”.

Ready for the time that I really feel extra peaceable, or happier, or when the time comes that I really know during me why I’m right here and what my life is about.

It’s been a protracted wait.

As of late I wait to see what’s going to occur with the brand new president within the US.  Will peace occur now?  Will our nation discover a technique to reside as much as its beliefs?  I’ve been ready to see how I is likely to be part of the method.

I’ve been ready and watching as frustration, anger, rage, and hate develop.  I discover myself ready to see what these offended hateful folks will do subsequent.

Then I picked up the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written hundreds of years in the past.  I used to be stopped in my tracks after I learn the next:

Sutra 2.34
“Unsure data giving rise to violence, whether or not accomplished immediately or not directly or condoned, is brought on by greed, anger or delusion in delicate, reasonable or intense diploma. It leads to infinite ache and ignorance. By introspection comes the top of ache and ignorance.”

After which these questions poured into me:
From my first breath to this breath, can I say that I’ve not been grasping?
Can I say that I’ve not been offended, hateful, or perpetrated ache unto others?
Can I say that I’ve not condoned the violence of others?
Can I say that I’ve not lied, cheated, or stolen?

No – I can’t declare any of that.

No extra ready, it’s time for me to take part.

What’s the finish of this ache and violence inside me?
Patanjali provides a transparent reply: “By introspection comes the top of ache and ignorance.”

I set myself to the duty of going inward to grow to be conscious of my ideas, phrases, and actions.  I wish to uncover the roots of my frustration, anger, hatred, rage, violence, and ache.  I’m not attacking myself, however neither am I condoning myself. I’m investigating my life, from my first breath to this one.

Yin-Yang Taiji Symbol


My actions and ideas as a baby had been typically past my management on the time.  However now as an grownup, I take duty for myself.  I’m on the path of studying methods to acknowledge and be accountable for my ignorance, my judgments, and the ache that I’ve precipitated others.  I’m casting a lightweight of curiosity and inquiry onto my shadow, onto that which I might moderately not acknowledge.  I’m studying the humility of being human, of being imperfect, of getting excessive beliefs that I can’t and haven’t all the time lived as much as.


I’m collaborating now, within the depth of my very own being.
I’m not ready for another person to fix the injuries that solely I can know.
I’m not hiding and ready for others to confess their faults in order that I don’t need to.

Now I’m asking myself on a regular basis, “how do unfavourable ideas, perceptions, and emotions really rework into one thing optimistic?” I’m asking this as a result of that’s what I see in Nature.  I see crops rising out of filth, out of animal manure, out of compost, out of the asphalt.  I see fallen timber feeding mushrooms, ants, and moss.  I see the cycle of Nature, ever-flowing, this into that, that into this. Destruction into Life, Life into Destruction.

Yin-Yang Taiji Symbol

By introspection, I’m turning into much less unaware of the contents of my historical past and my coronary heart.
Introspection requires time alone, quiet, not listening to or studying the concepts of one other. It’s not watching the information to “see what’s going to occur.”

Introspection, that sacred journey inward that may solely be taken alone.
Inward, to the place the place I really feel linked to everybody else. Since evidently I’m linked with others inside the wordless depths of myself, as I mend the divide inside myself between love and hate, peace and violence, reality and lies, I hope that I’m collaborating within the mending of others.