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Do Binaural Beats Actually Entrain the Mind? Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff Talks with iAwake

Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff, Ph.D. talks with iAwake in regards to the neurophysiology of brainwave entrainment, what binaural beats really do, the position of protocol, pink noise, therapeutic with sound, and rather more on this fascinating, complete, behind-the-scenes-of-sound-technology interview. Dr. Krasnoff wrote her 2021 dissertation on “The Results of Auditory Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System” based mostly on probably the most present scientific analysis, and is right here to share her ardour about sound – the way it works and the way it can heal. What does the newest analysis present? Do the results of binaural beats reside as much as the advertising and marketing claims made about them? Can they be transformative? Discover out right here.

Do Binaural Beats Actually Entrain the Mind?

  • What led Elizabeth to learning binaural beats to start with? 1:55
  • It’s not entrainment. It’s a frequency following response. 7:48
  • Can sound heal nerve injury? 11:18
  • Binaural beats, rhythms, and the autonomic nervous system 12:22
  • Sound location — the place binaural beats are processed within the mind — is a main survival ability. 16:18
  • What about service frequencies? 21:18
  • What are a few of the research doing incorrect? 25:41
  • Binaural beats and the reticular activating system 31:39
  • The position of protocol with binaural beats 33:59
  • Modeling binaural beats after the goal wave form 45:30
  • How resonance creates extra power for the mind 47:43
  • Binaural beats synchronize your mind hemispheres. 55:03
  • Mixing frequencies works finest. 57:35

Elizabeth Krasnoff Talks with iAwake

Full transcript, studying time roughly 35 minutes.

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John: Welcome, everybody. How are you? Right here we’re, and let me introduce us. My title is John Dupuy. You might or could not know me, however I’m the CEO of iAwake Applied sciences. And I don’t know all of what Heidi does at iAwake — she’s my assistant, however she does much more than that, and she or he’s right here for this interview as a result of she needs to be. And that is Douglas Prater. He’s one in every of our crucial individuals at iAwake; he creates the expertise. He’s an exquisite artist, an exquisite soul, and has an amazing scientific thoughts that understands the internal workings of this science and expertise and what we do. And that is Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff. She did her Ph.D. opus magnum on mind entrainment expertise, so we’re right here to choose her mind and see what she’s discovered and what she will be able to share about what she discovered on this journey to turn out to be a… Physician of Psychology, I suppose, proper, you’re a psychologist now?

Elizabeth: Really, I’m a Physician of Transformation.

John: Oh, how cool is that?

Elizabeth: I’m within the Faculty of Transformation and Consciousness.

John: …At CIIS (California Institute of Integral Research). It’s an exquisite college. It’s produced all types of sensible individuals and had nice lecturers there over the a long time. I’ve been related with it. So congratulations on that.

Elizabeth: Thanks, John. Nice journey.

John: So, Heidi, you introduced a pair or three questions. You wish to lead off?

Heidi: Nicely, I’ll lead off with the primary one. I simply questioned what drew you in the direction of learning brainwave entrainment to start with?

Elizabeth: I’m half deaf. I’ve tinnitus, I’ve misophonia, and as a baby, I had profound social isolation. I didn’t know I used to be deaf till I used to be 19 as a result of it’s a half deafness. After I was 19 and I went to, lastly, the emergency room as a result of the tinnitus was so loud, I couldn’t sleep, they mentioned, properly, it’s since you’re deaf. And I mentioned, that’s very humorous. Actually, what’s taking place? I used to be deaf! And so I received my first pair of listening to aids.

Frequency following response

John: Sensible. So if we’re in an elevator in New York, and we’ve got like 80 flooring to go, how would you summarize what you present in your dissertation? After which we are able to construct on no matter you say after that.

Elizabeth: Certain factor. I’m fairly detailed, so, I’m going to time myself right here, simply two minutes, proper? Okay. I wish to get into the small print!

John: Let’s take three, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Okay. The analysis: I like evidence-based therapeutic. I’m an intuitive, I’ve skilled as an intuitive, I do know the facility of that, and I additionally know the facility that comes from understanding the info. They inform one another. The instinct can inform us what to search for or the way to use issues that we discovered with information, and the info can inform us, did it work and what ought to we additional discover? So, what did I discover? Nicely, I needed to look into all of the advertising and marketing claims. I’ve a observe; my observe known as Sound Drugs. It’s seven years previous. I take advantage of instinct, I take advantage of sound, particularly binaural beats, however plenty of modalities. I take advantage of shamanic instruments, and I take advantage of biofeedback within the type of HeartMath. I’m licensed in all of these modalities. And every of them dropped at my understanding an consciousness that the nervous system is a rhythm.

Elizabeth: So I needed to ask, properly, if we are able to’t, in mainstream science, hint these power pathways but, what can we all know? We are able to research the nervous system. And I mentioned, I wish to deliver some science, some stable science and proof to the sound therapeutic discipline a couple of sound expertise. And I selected binaural beats. I structured my evaluation on twenty-six research. These research needed to be in respected, peer-reviewed journals, and so they needed to be within the final six years, and so they needed to have no less than reported 12 of the 18 information factors that I in contrast. My questions centered on: Can we measure the impact on our neural mind waves, of the 5 mind states that we’ve all come to measure? Gamma, subsequent is beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Can we measure that and see binaural beats having an impact on these neural rhythms, and may we measure the autonomic nervous system and see if binaural beats is having an impact on the autonomic nervous system? And it turned out we completely can measure these issues.

Brainwave patterns from gamma to delta

It’s not entrainment. It’s a frequency following response.

Elizabeth: Okay, so let me simply go over right here for a second. About midway via my analysis, I actually began to grasp that each one of those research authors and the first researchers within the discipline, who’re Dr. Gerald Oster, a physicist who revealed in Scientific American in 1973 and began the modern exploration of binaural beats, and F. Holmes Atwater, the previous director of the Monroe Institute, of the analysis there — so each the first discipline researchers and all my 26 research mentioned, this isn’t entrainment. We simply all use that phrase, and a mechanism is going on, however it’s not entrainment.

Elizabeth: So, by the way in which, rhythm and sound clearly entrain the mind. There are vital medical research that set up that and there are various therapeutic approaches, together with neurologic music remedy, very properly revered, evidence-based music remedy applied sciences, that use rhythm. That’s not a query. Rhythm entrains the mind. In my world, we name that monaural beats. Monaural beats is when the envelope of sound is full earlier than it hits your ears, okay? That clearly entrains the mind. However with binaural beats, one thing totally different is going on right here. I got here throughout this and I mentioned, properly, there goes my dissertation! It’s not entrainment; I don’t have the rest to say right here. After which I noticed, wait a minute, no, that is actually vital, as a result of what’s it?

Elizabeth: So these two researchers that I spoke about and the twenty-six research all mentioned, okay, what we’re seeing is a frequency following response. We’re all recording very clearly a frequency following response. It’s simply not sufficient power that will point out entrainment. It’s one thing else. So I seemed on the different hypotheses, and the one which I align with was actually put ahead by Atwater. Should you go deep into the science, the correlation is so full, I feel that’s the route for the analysis to take. The speculation is that that binaural beat is coming into your reticular activating system, which is a neural community within the brainstem and a non-primary listening to pathway. One thing else is going on there.

John: Does that imply individuals with listening to issues can use this expertise? And successfully?

Elizabeth: What listening to issues?

John: Yeah, that’s a query. I don’t know. I’ve had that query given to me quite a bit, and anecdotally what individuals say is, yeah, it appears to work. So, I used to be simply throwing it out to you from what you initially mentioned about your deafness and this expertise, whether or not you have been being affected by it. And I didn’t imply to interrupt you since you have been in such an amazing useless, it’s great.

Can sound heal nerve injury?

Elizabeth: Under no circumstances. We’ll get to all of it. Listening to loss like I’ve is nerve injury. One of many six research that didn’t work was attempting to make use of binaural beats to heal tinnitus. So what do I find out about that? I do know some private expertise after which some analysis. I feel the best therapy for tinnitus I do know is going on proper right here at UCSF, (I’m in San Francisco). They may match the frequencies and hit you again with these frequencies, these very excessive frequencies that match your tinnitus pitch. I’ve learn superb issues about that therapeutic expertise. However I’m slightly interested by this, as a result of I simply got here off of a sound, mind, and vibration convention the place I introduced — it was really on binaural beats. The query there may be, can sound heal nerve injury?

Binaural beats, rhythms, and the autonomic nervous system

Elizabeth: The way in which I take advantage of sound and a lot of the proof I discover is that sound, notably binaural beats, can work to heal rhythms that the nervous system is answerable for. Rhythms. So what’s an instance of that? Your cardiovascular system is a rhythm. Your endocrine, your hormonal system is a rhythm. Actually something that the autonomic nervous system or the hypothalamus or the nervous system controls is a rhythm. We’ve a circadian rhythm, we’ve got ultradian rhythms, that’s rhythms that occur in underneath a 24-hour time interval. All of these issues that the autonomic nervous system and the hypothalamus tackle are issues you may tackle with binaural beats. We’ve type of outlined that. So again to a kind of threads, can we are saying that the advertising and marketing claims are true? Nicely, these research confirmed that conclusively (I don’t have the slide in entrance of me) that sleep is positively affected by binaural beats. Stress is positively affected by binaural beats. And by the way in which, the Stress Institute of America mentioned one thing like 90 % of our sickness comes from our stressors — our response to our stressors in our life.

John: Together with habit, which I don’t assume they have been speaking about, you recognize.

Elizabeth: That was not talked about. So my HeartMath background actually dialed me in on what stress is, what it does, and the way to work with it. In my enterprise, I assist shoppers cut back their stressors and discover wholesome rhythms. So let’s see, again to our checklist. Stress, the notion of ache. Binaural beats have been demonstrated to be an analgesic. Much less ache medicine is required. Dentists will check that. There are three fields that there are binaural analysis in proper now: neuroscience, psychology (notably cognitive psychology, in fact), and well being. So the entire quantitative measurements are type of coming from neuroscience, all of the qualitative, semi-quantitative type of come from the sector of psychology, however actually all three fields are wanting in all these instructions to see what are the results. So we’ve named sleep, we’ve named stress, we’ve named ache, meditation, and trance. That’s documented. Meditation and trance. Cognitive duties, like reminiscence and focus, that’s documented. And all of this stuff are rhythmic of their nature. Doesn’t look like it. But when we took a deep dive with that, it will shortly make sense.

Elizabeth: So these are the issues that at this second in time have been clinically documented to be positively affected by binaural beats. So we are able to go two locations — we are able to go, why are there six research that didn’t present any impact? And we might additionally briefly have a look at nerve injury. At that convention I used to be simply in, numerous of us are on the frontier of many alternative therapeutic areas, and nerve injury is one in every of them. Utilizing sound, utilizing ultrasound, utilizing particular frequencies. However I wish to make the excellence that these are all monaural sounds. The sound envelope is full earlier than it hits the mind.

Sound location — the place binaural beats are processed within the mind — is a main survival ability.

Elizabeth: We’re in one other realm, we’re in binaural beats, not entrainment, the sound envelope shouldn’t be full. It’s completed inside our mind. I wish to speak about Oster for one second right here. He had three key insights. Let’s see if I can bear in mind all of them. Considered one of them was that we’ve got in our mind an auditory pathway for sound location that’s the identical place that binaural beats are processed. So what he mentioned to us was that it is a perform of our mind and a main survival ability. Within the fetus, the very first thing you get is your listening to. If you end up out and about and attempting to remain alive on this planet, your capacity to outlive is dependent upon your capacity to decode all of those tens of millions of invisible vibrations which are coming at you. That’s what that is. It’s a decoder. And you might be creating your actuality in each second. (David Eagleman on the mind, if you would like a deep dive into that. He’s sensible.)

Frequency following response

Elizabeth: So with sound, that binaural listening to that could be a perform of our mind solely exists momentarily in nature, since you don’t have these prolonged moments of that phasing, okay? After we create binaural beats, we’re creating them synthetically. We’re activating that system. In order that needs to be sufficient proof proper there for anybody. But it surely’s not. I digress. So what occurs is, we create that prolonged binaural beat. We’re opening new portals of growth, of therapeutic, of chance within the mind that as people we by no means had obtainable to us earlier than, engaging in issues that take a long time for meditators to perform. And we’re utilizing a system that naturally exists.

Heidi: You’re saying nature has these little tiny therapeutic moments, however it’s with sound?

Elizabeth: They’re not therapeutic moments. They’re finding moments.

John: And therefore survival potential.

Elizabeth: Within the mind, the factor that’s activated proper after sound within the auditory cortex is the motor cortex. I hear and I flip my head. Do I have to run? That’s how the method goes. Sound location is important to our survival and that’s the place that we’re working with once we are utilizing binaural beats. That was Oster’s first discovery to us. And I feel that’s important. He additionally observed that it doesn’t deteriorate with age. Very fascinating. You don’t really have to understand binaural beats to obtain binaural beats. There are two research that doc that. The way in which they did it’s they’d have the excessive frequency within the auditory vary and the low frequency out of the auditory vary, and the impact would nonetheless occur. I see, sure, the artist…

Doug: I’m pondering via so many alternative potentialities right here. So was the frequency that was subsonic lower than 20 Hz or so?

Elizabeth: It has to have been, as a result of that’s the underside shelf of our listening to vary. However for the precise information on that, it’s within the Oster article, the 1973 article. I’m additionally making my dissertation obtainable open supply.

Doug: Great. Extra individuals ought to do this.

Elizabeth: Sure! And I’ve all my references. So what I’m going to provide you immediately is what I’ve reviewed as a researcher. Something I say that you really want extra details about, I can level you to a research or a researcher. Should you cease me and ask for a reputation, I can do this. That’s actually vital to me. I do wish to additionally make intuitive leaps and understandings, however I like to border that, and say it is a guess versus that is what the info has proven. I feel it’s vital.

What about service frequencies? 

Doug: One of many questions that I had for you pertains to what we have been simply speaking about with being out of the audible vary. I additionally noticed in your analysis that one of many components that was not standardized all through the research was the service frequency. And I questioned in the event you had any suggestions for that, in the event you have been in a position to affirm or refute the speculation that decrease service frequencies are extra highly effective for, I suppose not entrainment, however the frequency following results of binaural beats. And in the event you had any suggestions for the place that customary could also be.

Frequency following response

Elizabeth: Sure. I want I had extra concrete information for you. So 18 information factors, service frequency clearly an enormous information level. And we’re originally of information on that information level. I can consider possibly three references the place I noticed a research the place authors say, we chosen this service frequency as a result of it creates this impact. All people else is just about blind to service frequency at this level. However there are a couple of authors that I can level you to which have begun that analysis and use particular frequency for particular causes. I used to be listening very rigorously on the final sound convention as a result of one of many points that the sound therapeutic discipline faces is an absence of validation in regards to the sound frequencies that individuals use. The place did that data come from? Have you ever significantly trialed these frequencies?

Elizabeth: There are a pair individuals on the market working with some very particular frequencies proper now. No, this isn’t binaural beats. That is simply frequency remedy. And lots of people are utilizing 40 Hz for irritation and another advantages. And so they know what frequency is nice for therapeutic nerves and what frequency is nice for these numerous stress or abdomen points. And so they combine them. So what I discover fascinating there may be, are these are service frequencies? What in the event you’re focusing on nerve injury and you utilize a service frequency that’s identified to heal nerve injury and add the binaural beat to it? Wow. I can give you that checklist of frequencies. Completely. That is all of the Globe Institute, the sound therapeutic middle right here in San Francisco. They’re doing a implausible job of unifying the sector and the analysis. I additionally assume that… So tuning forks is a really well-established discipline and they’re dialed into a really particular set of frequencies as properly. I hope {that a} researcher goes in there and says, okay, you imagine these frequencies do this stuff. Let’s go into the lab. Let’s see precisely.

Doug: I might like to see that. There undoubtedly appears to be numerous generally accepted or repeated knowledge that individuals speak about, the Solfeggio frequencies, for instance. And I might like to see research’ validation or not.

Elizabeth: Sure. So if anybody’s listening, I at all times say, at this second, it’s a must to belief the way in which you are feeling and the way in which you reply, as a result of there isn’t a information to help this in the intervening time, which doesn’t imply there gained’t be. In order that’s so far as I’ve gotten with the service frequencies. Period grew to become an enormous factor: a minimal of eight to 10 minutes. And there are numerous very particular research — these are EEG research, they’re not subjective. It’s not like, “oh, I really feel higher now.” They’re EEG research. And the superb research will correlate EEG research with subjective assessments like a BRUMS temper check, and even only a subjective diary. And once you do this, you may — I’m pondering of three research particularly — see individuals reporting what you might be marking on the EEG, which is a extremely good affirmation. So period was crucial. Service frequency we’re starting to study.

What are a few of the research doing incorrect?

Elizabeth: I wish to speak about intra particular person variations and now Oster’s third level as properly. So, bear in mind how we mentioned binaural beats impacts the nervous system, which is a rhythm? He observed that binaural beats have an effect on or could be a instrument for measuring the endocrine system. As a result of ladies, at totally different instances of the month, based mostly on their hormonal cycle, responded in another way to the identical binaural beat. Fairly fascinating. But it surely is smart if you consider it by way of a rhythm. So, what I wish to say right here is once you’re establishing a research…there’s one research that he couldn’t get outcomes and so they had twenty 50-year-old ladies on the identical service frequency.

Elizabeth: What if the service frequency they selected and the binaural beat that they chose doesn’t affect menopausal ladies? At age 50, your endocrine system is in a special place as a girl, so numerous the research, they’d be too restricted. They wouldn’t have the proper…that is of those that didn’t work. They wouldn’t have sufficient individuals within the research and they might have too many individuals in the identical class. On research the place you’re dividing and your hiring half male and half feminine and also you’re having a large age vary, you’re getting a greater learn. That’s one of many components: age and gender. And there’s a 3rd inter particular person distinction that we find out about, and I’m pointing to a selected research, Redick is the writer, and what she measured was our eyeblink charges. Measuring eyeblink charges tells you about your dopamine ranges, and measuring the dopamine ranges tells you whether or not somebody has the introverted character or an extroverted character. Fairly fascinating. So what she discovered was that in the event you have been an introverted character, you have been extra affected by binaural beats. So when you’ve gotten…like in a few of these research, there’s 9 topics, and so they say, “oh, we didn’t get any outcomes.” Did you’ve gotten 9 introverted individuals? A few of these research, they solely used three minutes of binaural beats. A giant one which received numerous press.

John: That’s proper. I keep in mind that.

Elizabeth: Three minutes! And are you aware what else that research concluded? Okay, I’ll let you know two actually enjoyable info. That research additionally concluded that monaural beats (we all know what monaural beats are — that’s common sound) and binaural beats haven’t any measurable impact on our moods. None. I’m like, wait a minute, you simply mentioned that sound has no impact on human moods. I don’t know if anyone would agree with that!

John: Ever hear of the Beatles?

Frequency following response

Elizabeth: Precisely! However see, the factor is, I don’t have a look at these research pretty much as good guys or unhealthy guys. These are individuals truthfully trying to find solutions. They’re asking trustworthy questions. They’re establishing the research to the perfect of their skills and so they’re trying to outline the parameters. And so they did outline parameters. That exact research can also be one in every of my high research for documenting cross-frequency communication. That’s hemispheric synchronization, which is without doubt one of the different advertising and marketing claims. Can it synchronize our mind hemispheres? That research outlined it very clearly.


Elizabeth: So, you recognize we as a society fall right into a sample of pondering that we perceive one thing by a quick learn or making a conclusion. There was a few of that occurring, a few of inter particular person variations not being taken under consideration, not sufficient period, selecting the incorrect binaural beat for the incorrect activity. One research used theta binaural beats to create a cognitive focus. That’s not what it’s for, proper? For a cognitive focus, you’d use gamma or gamma/beta. Let’s speak about that for a second. The issues that we are able to actually perceive and our developer can inform us, in all probability, if he has used these ones, the issues that we are able to actually see taking place are gamma and beta pulling us into focus.

Elizabeth: Proper? That’s what I take advantage of after I’m studying my neuroscience research and dropping my thoughts, attempting to grasp. I’ll use the gamma, the gamma/beta. I’ve utilized in my observe theta for my 13-year-old youngsters which are ADD. One baby discovered his soccer performs that method. So, something focusing or excessive gear is up there, and then you definately’re actually coming down the gearbox. We’ve all pushed a automotive — then you definately come all the way down to the center ones and now you’re beginning to do meditative: alpha, theta, after which sleep — delta. I like alpha/theta. I like theta. AndI haven’t discovered the delta that works for me but. I like a low voice, a human voice. I’ll pay attention to love Headspace, Andy, studying or one thing. A male voice could be very soothing for me personally. I like these low timbres.

Binaural beats and the reticular activating system

Elizabeth: So, to go over to the reticular activating system…We all know that binaural beats come within the auditory canals, two separate frequencies, and we all know that they meet, as a result of they put electrodes on the brains of cats and different little animals. We all know that the olivary nuclei is the place they’re begun to be processed, and we all know that they find yourself on the auditory cortex. That is the place we hear, the auditory cortex, not in our ear.

Frequency following response

Elizabeth: What occurs within the center? The speculation is that it’s the RAS system. The RAS, I observe, has three states, and within the discipline of neuroscience, that’s thought-about the gateway for consciousness. That is the place consciousness is available in — you may’t research sound with out learning consciousness. It has awake, meditative/gentle/sleep/dozy, after which it has deep sleep. These are our three states of consciousness that the RAS system regulates. And it’s thought-about the gateway to consciousness in that discipline. That’s the identified science, the precise definition. As a result of the RAS creates our awakening to our surroundings. It processes exterior processes, all 5 senses, not simply sound. That is identified science, and it processes our inner perceptions as properly. So all of our inner and exterior perceptions go in there. And it regulates our rising consciousness of our surroundings, inner and exterior. Will we awake to it or can we retreat from it? Isn’t that mainly the 5 mind states that we’re learning? From the excessive gear to the low gear? So I’m saying the proof is so compelling, that’s received to be the following factor {that a} researcher cracks and that’s the way you along with your beats are impacting states of consciousness.

The position of protocol with binaural beats

Elizabeth: What else? One different large issue that I discovered from this research — you’re going to like this one, and this can be one thing that you simply already do as an organization or one thing that you would be able to start to develop — is protocol. What occurs earlier than you utilize the binaural beats? So I mentioned binaural beats are one thing else? A speculation that I shaped which has been rejected within the discipline — I wish to be clear, and a few individuals nonetheless prefer it, some individuals don’t — is a type of resonance referred to as stochastic resonance, during which an present sign is being boosted. It’s a sign increase. Binaural listening to itself is described that method; it’s referred to as the cocktail occasion impact. Oster talked about that in his article, the place you may have all that noise and by some means it doesn’t drown out the sound location, it enhances it. And all of the research authors and their conclusion once they’re describing what occurs, that’s what they’re describing. Background noise doesn’t drown out binaural beats, it enhances it. It’s worthwhile to hear them. Oster measured a binaural beat to be roughly three dB’s, like a whisper. You don’t want to listen to that whisper for it to have an effect on you. Essentially the most have an effect on they’ve discovered is with pink noise. So you might throw some pink noise in your recording. You in all probability don’t have to listen to that both.

John: Nicely, you recognize, in our stuff you don’t hear the bada bada bada or no matter it’s, it’s received all this different lovely stuff that’s layered over it. And there it’s. That is nice. We’ve identified all these things for a very long time, however that is terrific. Thanks.

Elizabeth: I type of like electronica; I just like the binaural beats with like a chill electronica observe, or it may very well be with lovely guitar music, or it may very well be nature sounds. That’s my desire. However within the research, it reveals that pink noise causes the very best impact — not that the others don’t. Very clear. Many individuals had impact with all of the others. Some used it as a pure tone — I wouldn’t discover that very nice to hearken to for any period of time. However then once more, it’s a must to bear in mind who’s creating these assessments, neuroscientists.

John: That’s level.

Elizabeth: Well being professionals, cognitive psychologists. They’re not within the discipline of sound.

Doug: One of many applications that I’ve performed for iAwake — most of them, anyway — I embrace a low quantity mattress of pink noise, which I then frequency elevate as properly. I’ve discovered N=1 with this, however discovered that it enhances the results for me.

Elizabeth: Okay, fabulous validation proper there. And that’s backed by the medical information.

Doug: Great to listen to.

the theta brainwave pattern

Elizabeth: For positive. The protocol: So, if it is a sign booster or sign enhancer, what’s it enhancing? It means it’s enhancing a preexisting one thing. Right here’s a research that I discovered that isn’t binaural beats. In a mouse, they discovered when the mouse skilled worry, rapidly a mind wave that related the frontal cortex and the amygdala at 4 Hz. How cool is that? However we’re beginning to perceive that the mind is speaking in these mind waves, in these neural, electrical, rhythmic alerts...4 Hz, 4 Hz, 4 Hz, 4 Hz. That’s worry in a mouse. Let’s simply put that over there for a second. So again to the binaural beats, what are these beats coming in and amplifying? I’ve one research the place they really created anxiousness and worry with a 6 Hz binaural beat. What!? So we’ve got numerous variables right here. You want a really subtle evaluation and diagnostic to grasp all of the shifting items. It’s like we’re beginning to see items right here and there. One research makes use of synthetic intelligence, multi-layer perceptron, it’s referred to as, to investigate their EEG information. It’s a false, a synthetic nervous system, a computer-generated nervous system, that’s good sufficient to interpret a number of layers of shifting information. As a result of in scientific experiment, it’s a must to cut back the info. You solely need to have a couple of variables with the intention to see what’s affecting what.

Elizabeth: What occurs when you’ve gotten 18 variables? You find yourself with one research the place you might be frightening worry and one research the place you might be creating peace. I’ve one research I believed actually addressed this, and it’s a research of 109 members, so it’s strong. The writer is Sabo, Hungarian, and so they have been testing for trance and meditation. They discovered that they have been in a position to induce a trance-like state of their 109 topics, however provided that that they had a protocol of rest given to them earlier than the observe. So in case you have individuals which are utilizing your binaural beats, they might naturally be doing this. “Okay, that is my time, I’m going to take a seat down, I’m going to hearken to my beats…” They might set an intention unconsciously. “I’m going to chill out now.”

frequency following response

Elizabeth: Nicely all these issues, what if these are the alerts that you’re amplifying? Proper? Such as you create your personal set of mind waves. And so there’s one other factor to substantiate this, along with this one medical research, and that’s Atwater himself on the Monroe Institute. So the Monroe Institute, which you all know what it’s, was so profitable utilizing binaural beats synergistically of their program to create profound states of meditation and astral projection and growth of consciousness and therapeutic in that method — and so they at all times had a protocol. It may very well be verbalizing to your self, it may very well be deep respiration, it may very well be emotional, like HeartMath, imagining lovely locations…You may even have that in your observe. “We’re going to take two minutes now and put together for this observe. Think about your favourite place on the planet. Name your favourite emotion into your coronary heart. Is it love? Is it gratitude? Is it awe?” One thing like that will be acceptable for a meditation observe. For a spotlight observe, I might do one thing totally different.

Elizabeth: So one of many points we’ve got within the discipline is that nothing is standardized. That’s one in every of my large suggestions. I should not have for you information that claims this research used this, and this research used this, and this research used this. Most of them don’t even report whether or not they used it or not. However I do have that one research that was conclusive with 109 topics and Atwater and the Monroe Institute which were doing this for 50 years. For me, that’s fairly clear that the protocol is actually vital and an enormous issue. A few of these research, you place somebody in a lab chair, they’re simply sitting there. It’s like, “Hearken to this.” “Okay!” What are you engaging in? And but they’re nonetheless getting some information, however my level is, have you ever even reached any of the impact potential of this? You’ve been in a position to show that it exists underneath these sterile medical situations, however have you ever really reached the impact potential?

John: You already know, it would clarify why numerous us who use this expertise have been meditators earlier than we began utilizing the expertise, and this simply took us into the deep aspect of the pool in a short time. And I’ve observed over time that skilled meditators get it immediately. They go, wow, that is really doing one thing.

Elizabeth: Oh, that makes a lot sense.

Doug: I’ve been engaged on a lucid dreaming program for fairly a while now that makes use of binaural beats and another applied sciences, and a part of the explanation it’s taken me so lengthy is getting the educating materials and the protocol down, as a result of that’s a important part of this. The expertise by itself is beautiful, however it’s what you do beforehand and the way you utilize it that makes all of the distinction within the success.

Elizabeth: So, you might be discovering that in your subjective expertise, in your case research, if you’ll.

Doug: Proper — that having the correct method and understanding what to do makes all of the distinction in whether or not or not you get the results that I’m intending from it.

John: Sure, and most of the people appear to report that once they begin utilizing the expertise, their sleep and dream life turn out to be very energetic and rather more vibrant, rather more highly effective. Do you’ve gotten something that will clarify why that’s so?

the delta brainwave pattern

Elizabeth: I might level you to that research and also you would want anyone that might perceive…So every sleep cycle he calls them, one, two, and three, they’ve particular designations, and he’s in a position to research how binaural beats lengthens or shortens your totally different sleep phases. So if there’s a dream sleep stage that binaural beats are enhancing and lengthening, that will be your reply. However I don’t have sufficient data to conclusively reply that, simply to kind of level in that route and say, there’s a medical research displaying which sleep phases the binaural beats have an effect on. And that research was a conclusively optimistic impact for the members. They used EEG for the mind exercise, for the attention exercise, for muscle exercise, and so they used a BRUMS, a temper questionnaire. In order that was the diagnostics there. It was a fairly conclusive research.

Modeling binaural beats after the goal wave form

Doug: A query that I needed to ask, and this goes in a barely totally different route right here, however you have been speaking earlier about rhythm and the significance of rhythm and what an enormous distinction that makes. I questioned, properly, one thing you mentioned in your presentation actually perked my ears up, because it have been, which is, you mentioned mind waves and the patterns of mind waves, the form of an alpha wave on the EEG or a theta wave or a delta wave, these should not sine waves. And what would occur if we began creating tracks the place the binaural beats have been modeled after the form of the waves that they’re focusing on? So I’ve been utilizing a wave desk synthesizer the place I can draw within the wave type, the sample of the tone, and create some fairly fascinating sounds based mostly on what I’ve drawn there. And if I have been to focus on a specific brainwave state, take an EEG studying of what it’s that I’m focusing on and use that to create the sound, would which have any impact on its capacity to assist the mind attain these focused states?

Elizabeth: That’s fairly deep. You’re in there deep! One of many shows I simply listened to was anyone exploring the same thought to yours. They have been drawing the totally different shapes of their waves and engaging in various things with them, although I don’t assume it was binaural beats. I feel it was simply frequency therapeutic. So the factor that involves me so as to add to that inquiry is that resonant frequency is measurable, and in case you are focusing on a resonant frequency and sending power to that resonant frequency, you’d create an amplification of obtainable power. May we use that power for therapeutic? That might be both your research of your members or within the lab, we must discover out.

How resonance creates extra power for the mind

Elizabeth: Let me clarify what I used to be saying there. With entrainment, a stronger wave entrains a much less robust wave. The amplification can solely elevate so far as the stronger wave, however there may be an power improve there. So right here’s how I discovered to consider this. My definitions all got here from the physics world and I put them along with the definitions within the sound world. Your physique, with the intention to survive, have to be as environment friendly with its power utilization as attainable. I learn numerous Michael Thaut, a tremendous pioneer within the music remedy world and neurologic music remedy world, an enormous title — undoubtedly Google him. What he helped me to grasp is that the mind has a rhythm and a tempo. Whenever you’re sending music to the mind, you’re sending music within the language that the mind speaks. That’s the structure of the mind. So lovely, his work.

Frequency following response

Elizabeth: After which, to get again to the opposite level, so once you’re entraining — or resonating — you might be creating obtainable power. Now the physique needs to be environment friendly with its power, so that you’re speaking to the mind in its language and also you’re saying, “power obtainable right here, power obtainable right here.” So everyone will say, “Oh, I need a constant frequency. Constant frequency is wholesome. The mind must be in a constant frequency.” That’s really not true within the work of thought. I learn that. Your mind is chaos (laughs), and so consistency could be good at instances, however at instances it’s an excessive amount of. That’s how they diagnose autism or a few of these different problems, when it’s too constant. We are able to’t be too constant in some circumstances. So, listed below are all these power patterns and waves going round. And I feel the purpose that I’m attempting to make is it’s a must to have the correct amount of power obtainable on the proper time for the correct factor for the mind to function effectively and be comfortable. Should you’re utilizing entrainment, you’re going to get slightly bump of power.

Elizabeth: Why would the mind use that? Why would the mind need slightly bump of power? What would that be good for? For utilizing resonance, okay? Resonance is a special mechanism. Resonance is type of limitless power coming in, and you’ll break that threshold. That’s the opera singer singing into the glass: the opera singer discovered the resonant frequency of the glass, pumped a lot power into that equation that that system mentioned, okay, we’ve got to blow up now. That’s why the glass breaks. I had an atomic physicist on my committee. I needed to. You possibly can’t speak about sound and not using a physicist. He helped me to grasp this.

Elizabeth: So, what does the mind want? What’s going to make the mind environment friendly in that kind of scenario? Should you’re making a resonant frequency…these are measurable, by the way in which. These issues are measurable. That might be an enormous growth in vibrational medication when medical doctors and hospitals working along with physicists will begin to have the ability to measure the resonant frequency. They do it for ultrasound, for kidney stones. That’s an ultrasound coming in, blowing up the tumor by increasing the power handed what the tumor can deal with. So, you’re type of speaking a couple of resonance impact creating that power there. And what I actually wish to know is, how can we are saying for positive that power is changing into obtainable for therapeutic? How can we are saying for positive that the mind goes to say, that’s environment friendly for me, I’m going to make use of it?

Elizabeth: We all know that constant power is environment friendly power. That’s why we’ve got coupled oscillation, that’s why nerve cells come collectively. That’s why your coronary heart beats like that each one collectively. That’s environment friendly. That’s why pendulums, in the event that they get shut sufficient, will come collectively. Pendulums is how we began learning this, and it creates that power effectivity. So these are kind of the parameters that we’re coping with right here. So sound remedy says, properly, constant power is environment friendly and in lots of circumstances it’s. Sound power says, okay, let’s use inconsistent, jagged tones to interrupt up power, to interrupt up caught power. In Michael Thaut’s e book it reveals when you’ll want to be taught one thing new and shock the mind, that’s the mechanism. The mind will preserve doing what it does as a result of it’s environment friendly till you shock it. So it will use that to create a brand new sample, a brand new program, a brand new studying. So these are a few of the ways in which these sounds and power mechanisms work, and so I give that to you since you’re type of in there working with how a lot power do I create? That’s what you’re doing, you’re creating. It’s actually thrilling. I wish to pay attention.

John: Oh, it is best to.

Doug: So many fascinating ideas and concepts that come simply from that.

John: Nicely, the excellent news is technically the elevator received caught between the twelfth and thirteenth flooring. So, yeah, right here we’re. That was a simple interview! Pull the string. Very, very, very helpful.

Heidi: Okay, simply to return to the very starting, so if anyone says, oh, I hear that truly with brainwave entrainment, the entrainment phrase is incorrect. It’s not entraining. Is it simply…what’s it doing once more within the brief model? Like in the event you hearken to iAwake?

Elizabeth: Frequency following response.

Heidi: After which that enhances power and creates a resonance?

Elizabeth: A stochastic resonance, yeah, it’s a sign increase. Power turns into obtainable…can we use it for therapeutic? I feel that’s what we’re doing.

Heidi: Proper.

Frequency following response

Binaural beats synchronize your mind hemispheres. 

Elizabeth: There’s one thing else actually vital, binaural beats do one thing else. So it’s a frequency following response that enhances alerts and synchronizes your mind hemispheres, which is so highly effective. We’re on the frontier of that and we’ve got some established modalities, not solely neurologic music remedy however EMDR. We’re bilateral! Very highly effective issues occur once we synchronize our two sides.

Heidi: Yeah, that’s superior.

John: Elizabeth, I’d like to ask you if attainable — give us a bit to digest all of this, evaluation my notes, and make a transcription, and I wish to ship, clearly, this interview to all our creators as a result of there’s a lot beneficial stuff right here, and make it obtainable to the general public. You’re simply such a , clear speaker and instantly my graduate scholar kicked in and I began taking copious notes of every little thing you’re saying, as a result of it was like all vital and also you simply triggered some frequency in my mind to take notes.

Elizabeth: We have been on the identical frequency. (laughs)

John: That is so thrilling and so encouraging, and sure, might we’ve got you again a while if we might persuade you or one thing? I’d additionally wish to get you into the world of the conferences that I am going to, the Integral world. You already know, there’s a convention I am going to yearly — properly, earlier than the pandemic — however we hope to get again there in Hungary. It brings numerous the Integral takes to the world collectively. It’s an amazing expertise. It might be very helpful as a result of we’ve been speaking about these things for a very long time, however you’ve gotten simply put all of it along with the science and superior the sector considerably. Deep bow, and thanks for that.

Elizabeth: It was grueling, thrilling, enjoyable, lengthy, (laughs) and so rewarding. Thanks. You already know, after 4 years of sitting at your desk, it’s good to return out and speak to individuals about it.

John: Oh, I wager. Nicely, welcome again. Thanks.

Mixing frequencies works finest.

Doug: By combined frequencies, do you imply layered binaural beats at totally different entrainment charges?

Elizabeth: Like placing theta and alpha collectively on your meditations and beta and gamma collectively on your focusing.

John: Epsilon can be an instance of that too, Doug?

Doug: Nicely, it will be combined with one thing. So, yeah, in the event you combine… Like in Stealing Circulate, it’s primarily on the alpha/theta border, but in addition with gamma layered in on high of it for the mixed impact.

Heidi: Or the deep releasing meditations which are theta, however then with bits of gamma to make issues occur inside…

Elizabeth: Wait a minute, did you do this intuitively?

Doug: The theta and gamma? I learn this glorious e book, Stealing Hearth, and I learn Csikszentmihalyi’s e book about move…

Elizabeth: I beloved that e book, too! (laughs)

frequency following response

Elizabeth: Very cool. In one of many shows I simply watched, theta was carrying…so right here’s the theta sine wave carrying all these little gamma waves on it, like on a whale’s again, little barnacles throughout the mind. Cool, huh? Yeah, that’s an amazing instance.

John: Doug, I simply had an thought, possibly take a few of your works and simply ship them to Elizabeth with the notes of what you really did and the way you probably did that. Could be actually…

Doug: It’d be fascinating.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I don’t know, I simply make them from my music. I’ve launched eight albums, you recognize, I’m all about sound, each facet of it, creating it, learning it, every little thing. And on my final one I put some binaural beats in, and I’ve a query for you. So I discovered that I like two beats collectively, and I discover that I even like three collectively, however 4 was an excessive amount of for me. Three was my restrict. After that, I used to be like, that’s an excessive amount of data.

Doug: Yeah.

Elizabeth: You’ve got any of that dialog taking place?

Doug: The one time I’ve favored 4 is in a re-creation of the Woke up Thoughts sample.

Elizabeth: Oooh, yeah, the Thoughts Map?

Doug: With Anna Sensible, yeah. Recreating that, getting 4 in there works properly, however past that I haven’t experimented with it an excessive amount of, greater than doing two or so at a time.

Elizabeth: Maintain me posted!

John: You already know, as a musician myself, I play lead guitar, and when there’s a bass and a drum in sync, you recognize, like Fleetwood Mac, via all its permutations and all the good music that band has created, that they had an amazing bass participant and an amazing drummer. You already know, all the opposite characters modified, I feel, for probably the most half. However when that bass factor is laid down, that offers the individuals on high an unbelievable artistic area to play in, and I can simply really feel it waking me up. I don’t know what that’s. You already know, it’s music, it’s magic, however it will be fascinating simply to.. You already know, why does that occur?

John: Wow. That’s proper.

Elizabeth: However that’s what’s taking place in right here. We’re all ratios — all of the planets, all of the cells, every little thing is ratios. And you’ll describe that with music and arithmetic.

John: So we didn’t invent math and music, we’re discovering it as we go.

Elizabeth: We discerned it.

John: Yeah, we discerned it. There you go. Superior. Anyway, we’re very enthusiastic about this. I by no means know what to anticipate, so I don’t anticipate something, however that is… I can’t say it exceeded my expectations as a result of I didn’t have any, however I’m very, very comfortable and really impressed and really enlightened by this dialog. And we’d like to have you ever again as soon as we digest this, have a couple of extra questions, and possibly we are able to throw in a few of our stuff, too, and simply construct the dialog.

Elizabeth: I stay up for it. As you may see, that is… It was my dissertation, and that’s sufficiently big, however it’s additionally my life path. So sure, I’m at all times on it.

John: I really feel that. Sure, okay, thanks a lot. We respect you a large number.

Heidi: Yeah, that was great.

John: Thanks, Doug, thanks, Heidi.

Elizabeth: Doug, thanks.

Doug: Thanks a lot.

Elizabeth: Thanks Heidi.

Heidi: Thanks. Hope to see you once more. All proper, and good luck along with your additional endeavors.

John: Okay, bye bye.

Learn Dr. Krasnoff’s revealed 2021 dissertation The Results of Auditory Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System” right here.

Focus with gamma, do your emotional work and visioning with theta, assist your sleep patterns with delta…iAwake Applied sciences will help you entry these brainwave states and extra…epsilon and lambda for instance!

Elizabeth Krasnoff, Ph.D. MIM, is an authorized Power Healer and acquired her Sound Therapeutic & Remedy Certificates from the Globe Institute in San Francisco. Elizabeth can also be an authorized Heartmath Practitioner and a Shamanic Practitioner in coaching. She presents on sound and consciousness at venues such because the Tucson Science of Consciousness Convention, Yale Divinity Faculty, The Graduate Institute, CIIS, CIHS, the Academy of Instinct, and the Globe Sound Therapeutic Convention. Discover out extra at her web site,

John Dupuy is the CEO of iAwake Applied sciences and travels internationally to show and encourage on the topics of Integral Restoration, Integral Transformative Observe, and using brainwave entrainment expertise to deepen one’s meditation observe and within the therapy of habit, despair, and PTSD.

Douglas Prater is the creator of iAwake’s Stealing Circulate+InfinityRainstorm Sleepwave, and extra! He’s an writer, meditator, health fanatic, and musician who holds a level in Music: Sound Recording Know-how from Texas State College. Doug is dedicated to the artwork of deep observe in each space of life.

This weblog was created by Heidi Mitchell, John Dupuy’s longtime assistant and iAwake’s weblog supervisor. John launched Heidi to Integral observe and sound tech-enhanced meditation in 2007. Heidi can also be a contract editor of nonfiction books, blogs, and web sites. She could be reached at


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