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Distinctions for a Higher Life – Mind Software program Podcast (Ep 186)

You might have discovered the Mind Software program Podcast with Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel! On this episode, we’re presenting Half 2 of the sensible work of  Dr David Lieberman…

Watch the Episode:

Introduction for Episode 186

Welcome every one…and particularly all…

It’s an excellent day to be right here and that’s as a result of let’s always remember that…


So clear that goofer mud off your doorknob, as a result of right here we go…

Suppose Tank Phrases for This Episode


Present Notes for Episode 186

  • A distinction is the distinction that makes the distinction…
  • Distinctions streamline our lives!
  • They forestall us from metaphorically banging our heads towards a wall…again and again…
  • Bear in mind to have a second propane tank, or water bottle!
  • The 1 web page cheat sheet…You don’t want it when you make it!
  • The “brush within the paint can” distinction…
  • There are sometimes mechanical distinctions!
  • Distinctions usually come up on the finish of a job…
  • You may get eye-closure by merely asking for it!
  • Hypnosis has already began when your consumer makes their appointment! – Karl Smith
  • Self-defence has a lot of distinctions! 
  • Pareto’s Precept applies right here too! The distinctions might be within the 20%
  • In case you can’t train one thing, you in all probability don’t comprehend it nicely sufficient…
  • An knowledgeable in a subject is aware of a lot of distinctions and shortcuts!
  • If you must eliminate one thing, take an image of it…

Tonight! On the Grassy Knoll Community…Sir Lanyard Ballwater and the beam weapon

  • Memorize a listing by linking the gadgets collectively!
  • Beat procrastination by front-end loading the worst factor on the record…

Empowering Query:  Ask your self…what key distinctions do I want to use…and what areas of my life…might be completely reworked…when the garden tree blooms?

Metafive: Aikido with Obata Sensei and the bruised shoulder

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Ending: Henry Squatter’s OCD

Vital Hyperlinks and Reminders:

  1. The agree and repeat course of video coaching is right here, and it is free.
  2. That is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.

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