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Dancing the Alexander Method – Dance With out Limits

I watched the trainer reveal as he spoke, saying “you’ve got
to get your head weight in your foot.” He moved ahead onto his left foot,
completely poised. You can drop an imaginary plumb line by way of him, head
by way of his physique to his foot.

He made it look really easy to be effortlessly balanced, pausing in movement but additionally demonstrating shifting by way of that area of poise into one other area, the following one, and the following one. Flying…

Why don’t all of us do it then?

What occurred to that? Why can’t we simply say “put your head in your foot, every step,” after which do it?

We attempt – we predict we’re on our foot – however our stability shouldn’t be there, it isn’t really on our foot. The interior sensing system we use shouldn’t be correct sufficient.  Our our bodies are usually not in alignment normally, we have now mis-alignments simply strolling round and produce these into the dance studio with us. We dance with the identical our bodies that stroll round all day outdoors the studio.

However for at this time, let’s simply discuss that inside sensing system that tells us the place we’re in area.

One other phrase for it’s proprioception. It’s the attention of your physique in area, ahead, up, again, down, sideways, and so on.
Think about for a second that you simply level your automotive going ahead however the alignment is off. It’s important to battle with the wheel for management and to go the place you need to go.

That very same factor occurs to us, internally.

Someplace alongside the road our inside sensing system misplaced calibration. We’re simply so used to utilizing it that we comply with that blindly, and naturally something you do lengthy and infrequently sufficient will really feel regular to you. We alter to being off track! Then our poor our bodies, our muscle groups and bones, need to torque and twist and tense to carry us within the course we maintain combating for, pointing the steering wheel in a technique when the toes (wheels) could also be pointing one other. Accidents occur. Muscle tissue get drained.

How tough is it then to maneuver in a different way if every part you recognize is telling you you’re going North each time you progress, however the mirror tells you in any other case. We’re wired as much as transfer by the best way it feels, but when that feeling shouldn’t be correct, what’s left however power and utilizing the mirror and pushing your physique in a specific course?  Is there one other means?

There’s! ….there’s a means of pausing to acknowledge true consciousness of your physique in area, and to permit an unwinding in the appropriate course. Head poised, backbone lengthening by way of a launch into the appropriate course, the physique freed to recalibrate and let the bones grasp into alignment relatively than pulling on them.

It’s about connecting pondering and motion.

We do it anyway, however typically the proper motion is misplaced in translation from thoughts to muscle.

Alexander Method restores that internal feeling to true it up once more.

It’s a technique to true it up and to undo long-term habits of the best way your physique is organized. Are you compressed? Does your neck contract into your head, or does it poke ahead? In at this time’s parlance, “ahead head posture?”

Alexander Method works by way of launch, not stress…it relieves stress in your backbone and thereby by way of your complete system. It’s good to your well being, total.  

By means of this work you study to regulate not solely your head and neck but additionally to quiet your entire system, A to Z.

It’s a lot simpler to let go when you uncover locations you’re holding on and don’t
even notice it.

It’s like happening trip and out of the blue the strain melts out of you.
Pressure? What rigidity? It’s simply how I’m….


Again within the studio, I watched the trainer transfer onto his foot once more, head over
foot, and heard my internal voice whisper, that is what I’m instructing my college students –
all of them. Irrespective of if they’re dancers or if they arrive due to again
ache, they study to really feel their head weight on their foot, at will. There’s an
ah-ha second when that occurs. It’s a recognition of one thing we used to
have naturally as kids, however misplaced alongside the best way.

That second is a launch of stress alongside the backbone and that creates a pure
situation that fosters lengthening.

A lengthening backbone in motion is an attractive factor.

I do it with each single pupil. It’s elementary to stability and poise. It
is vital to shifting with a protracted lovely backbone and open, huge again that helps
your arms.

There’s usually a niche between our personal notion that tells us we’re balanced
on our foot, and the reality of the place we’re in 3-D area.

We even have muscle groups which might be used to shifting in line with a defective “map” or
internal physique sense.

We have to true up our internal compass and retrain the physique motion. Meaning
retraining our muscle groups in motion.

As dancers we frequently push our our bodies to attain a form or attain a place.
That will get you from foot to foot, however solely on the value of rigidity in
motion. It makes motion look stiff and stilted. It may be jerky, filled with
stops and begins.

If you wish to win competitions, you’ll want to fly.  
Heck, in case you simply need to really feel good, you want to have the ability to launch into

It’s scary typically however enjoyable! I’m doing that now, studying to permit myself to “fall”
within the Waltz relatively than management my reducing. I’m studying to let go and belief
all of the coaching of my internal sensing system.

Alexander Method is a complete physique tune-up for dancers.

Stephen Hannah calls it, “Inner concord of the elements.”

Have that concord, and Dance.

Tune up your physique and fly.

Alexander Method a tremendous device to hurry studying.  I’m always
working to undo unhelpful habits and of their place, prepare in new patterns of
motion till they turn into my new, higher habits. We’re all doing this all of the
time, the query is, are you truly reaching the physique elements you’re
intending to make use of?  If feeling is defective, how are you going to right it?

 At totally different ranges I’m engaged on various things, however what I do discover
is that I can find the elements that my trainer needs me to maneuver. I do know after I’m
balanced, head over foot. FINDING THE SPOT is an enormous step within the battle. My
private stability is fairly good.  Studying to sense and use the accomplice
stability related with my very own motion is enjoyable and interesting.  Enhancing
my physique consciousness by way of Alexander technique is a large plus in my studying. It’s
saving me time.

F.M. Alexander found this in himself – a scarcity of fact in his internal
feeling of how he was utilizing his head and neck that led to many issues with
respiratory and his voice. It was solely when he was in a position to management his personal head
and neck that his issues resolved.

As he started to work with folks he discovered that management of your head weight and
backbone in motion is the important thing to improved efficiency of the physique as an entire, and
extra – to the entire Self when it comes to the way you react to stimuli of all types. For
occasion, it helps management anxiousness and creates presence in efficiency, as a result of
the underlying mechanism of management is related with the nervous system. The
mind controls response by way of your nerves to speak together with your muscle groups
and likewise your nervous system that may create an excessive amount of fight-or-flight
reactivity. The identical course of to regulate your head and backbone quiets your nervous
system. That’s how change occurs; by way of the entire self.

It additionally results in dancing with the entire Self, totally, with ease.

As a result of it brings folks into and thru a state of excellent stability and poise
in motion.  

Concord of the Elements, certainly.

Artwork by Kirsten Harris


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