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Cultivating A Sattvic State of Thoughts – MindfulnessQuest

The Sattvic state of the thoughts is the state of pure concord with the complete existence. It presents unconditional peace, restfulness, and a glimpse into our true nature.

When the power manifests to create the world of names and kinds, it has three traits: Tamas (Inertia), Rajas (Exercise), and Sattva (Concord).

The power seems because the thoughts in consciousness and “borrows” the above three qualities. When the thoughts is tamasic, it’s in a state of inertia, which will also be considered laziness. How does the thoughts develop into lazy? By means of indiscipline.

For instance, after we eat a high-calorie food regimen coupled with much less bodily exercise, the thoughts turns into torpid. Then if we sit for meditation, it’s seemingly that we’ll nod off. Not solely that, however it additionally impacts sleep and total well-being.

When the thoughts is rajasic, it’s overly lively, comparable to restlessness, pleasure, and nervousness. It’s the craving thoughts. It craves shiny objects and is all the time desperate to “do” something to achieve them.

Each time it desires to realize one thing or seize a fascinating state. Physiologically, our physique can not differentiate between nervousness and pleasure. I can relate to it as a result of, as a former software program developer, I used to eat 6 to eight cups of espresso on daily basis.

A rajasic thoughts is troublesome to fulfill. The second one want is fulfilled, it begins to crave one other.

And the final is the sattvic thoughts – a pure and clear thoughts that’s in concord with its content material. This thoughts doesn’t reject or resist any feeling, thought, or emotion. It’s the witnessing thoughts. It witnesses each the arising and disappearing of all content material in consciousness.

Due to this fact, it is aware of that something that arises is impermanent and isn’t the ultimate fact. It sees that its personal existence can be an phantasm. The sattvic thoughts stays restful and clears channels for the power to activate and ascend.

A harmonious thoughts by no means controls anythings. It merely witnesses the arising and disappearing of ideas with out labeling them. That’s what mindfulness is. This act of non-judgmental and non-reactive “seeing” dissipates the afflicting power related to a selected thought, feeling, or emotion.

It creates a way of separation from the content material of expertise. Simply look at who’s attempting to manage pondering? It’s the ego once more. The traditional mistake individuals make is that they attempt to block pondering forcefully by way of vigilance.

That’s combating with the thoughts and is all the time a dropping battle. Reactivity is the unconscious habits of the conditioned thoughts. These are unconscious patterns that create conflicts and ache in life. So drop the vigilance and be watchful.

Do that easy experiment. Subsequent time you expertise an afflicting emotion, droop all exercise and place your full consciousness on that emotion with out providing any resistance. By not reacting to uncomfortable emotions, you don’t give them the power to propagate. You expertise separation from the thoughts’s contents.

It’s the nature of the thoughts to crave fascinating objects. It by no means sticks to 1 want, objective, or ambition. And this may occasionally sound unusual, however the thoughts tends to get hooked up to the previous traumas as effectively.

And I’m not being insensitive right here. I used to be depressed for a few years as a result of I used to be hooked up to a self-created false picture. My story of victimhood gave me the eye I craved. And so, I used to be unable to get out of that mindset and suffered.

I beloved it when individuals sympathized as a result of it gave me consideration. When the understanding dawned, it was the top of “me and my story.” I turned life-sensitive versus ego-sensitive. This new sensitivity opened up my coronary heart

I acknowledge the injury that occurred, and I don’t intentionally put myself in hurt’s approach. However on the similar time, I don’t maintain any resentment or hatred in the direction of the individuals who did unsuitable.

The “me” that wished revenge is just not there anymore. And imagine me, it was not a simple journey. There’s nothing tougher than confronting your innermost demons.

And all of us have them, however over time, because the witnessing occurs, the afflicting recollections, ideas, and feelings start to lose their grip on the ego. The ego begins to query, “Is that this my doing?”

The notice burns all that arises from the huge depths of the unconscious and unconscious. We might not be capable of change some traits, however the gentle of consciousness renders them powerless. In considered one of his lectures, Jiddu Krishnamurthy stated that if we’re completely attentive to a troubling thought, it loses its energy to affect us.

A sattvic thoughts is a witnessing thoughts. It’s the sunshine of consciousness that burns all karma. Due to this fact, if you happen to’re capable of stay consciously, the Kundalini can not hurt you in any approach. It can acknowledge you as Shiva (divine consciousness), and the give up will occur spontaneously.

The blockages in power’s path are brought on by the pondering thoughts that believes itself to be the doer of all actions. We stay in a world that’s obsessive about the thought of accomplishment and glory. The overemphasis on hustle tradition, cash, fame, adulation, recognition places us in a frenzy.

It creates a necessity for unending validation of the “private self.” How do you fulfill “that” that doesn’t exist and doesn’t even know what it’s chasing and why?

Typically, individuals get too enthusiastic about chakras and Kundalini, which itself creates a roadblock within the path of self-realization. People are “beings,” however we mistakenly imagine ourselves to be the “doing.”

We maintain chasing thrill and pleasure, mistaking them to be happiness. Whereas it’s okay to take pleasure in little issues like a cup of espresso, occasional wine, and different small pleasures, however it turns into problematic after we use (or abuse) them to suppress the underlying ache and discomfort. 

I witnessed this phenomenon clearly whereas I lived in isolation. Initially, my thoughts would typically get stressed when it didn’t obtain the required ranges of dopamine hits. Being within the tech business for thus lengthy, I used to be hooked on devices.

Solely once I moved away from these devices did I do know the influence they’d on my thoughts. For me, they had been the supply of fixed nervousness. I didn’t like studying books as a result of watching movies on-line provided an inexpensive supply of dopamine hit.

Within the absence of distraction, I began witnessing how I used refined diversion mechanisms to distract myself from the underlying ache.

That’s why I emphasize aware residing by way of self-discipline. Don’t mistake the phrase self-discipline for a compelled punishing routine. It doesn’t imply that it’s important to get up at 3:00 am early within the morning and meditate for 4 hours or apply sophisticated Yoga poses.

It merely means residing in consciousness (the now) as and when it arises. I perceive that the entire above pointers about aware residing are clichés.

All people is aware of, however just a few observe. It’s what I name unconscious residing – when you realize the best factor to do however find yourself doing the alternative. And it’s okay. Our physique has an intelligence of its personal, so it doesn’t all the time hearken to the thoughts. 

Consider the physique like an elephant and the thoughts the mahout (rider). The mahout directs, and the elephant obeys. But when the elephant sees a bunch of bananas, it could not hearken to the directions and go for the deal with.

So your thoughts says that you need to work out, however you find yourself grabbing a savory snack. Don’t struggle the thoughts. Simply witness the entire technique of thoughts setting an intention and the way your physique chooses to behave.

You don’t should struggle your urges – “see” them for what they’re. This consciousness, over time, will carry in regards to the change once you’re prepared. The extra effort you place or drive your approach into altering issues, the extra you’ll strengthen your unconscious patterns.

Typically the ego creates a special shell. As an alternative of escaping the ache by way of indulgences and addictions, it immerses itself in work. For instance, some individuals who don’t get parental validation throughout childhood develop into overachievers in maturity.

There’s a fixed must show oneself. They develop into workaholics. Once more, it’s the ploy of the ego to keep away from ache. These individuals develop into nice achievers, perfectionists, and extremely profitable of their careers, however internally, they’re haunted by loneliness. 

They see parental figures in individuals with authority and affect, and therefore, they begin craving validation from them. They emulate their behaviors and need to be like them. The issue is that the interior youngster that craves consideration and validation can’t be glad as a result of it lives in an grownup’s physique.

The inner-child is the results of childhood conditioning, and therefore, is part of the illusory “me.” The thought is to not do away with the interior youngster – the supply of the very best creativity – however to heal the injuries.

I’m not going to enter the inner-child work for now as a result of that’s a separate subject in and of itself, however the understanding is {that a} harmonious thoughts is free from previous conditioning and doesn’t create obstructions within the power circulation. 

Deal with aware residing, which incorporates constructing wholesome habits. Individuals suppose that Kundalini will do away with nervousness, melancholy, and different issues, however that’s not the aim of Kundalini Yoga.

The phrase Yoga means “union.” It’s the dissolution of the restricted self and realization of absolutely the. Most individuals imagine that Yoga is just for physique health as a result of it’s closely marketed and commercialized that approach.

In case you have a look at the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the strategy follows the eight components of apply (ashtanga) to succeed in the ultimate aware presence or vacancy (samadhi). Nevertheless, the standard Yoga apply lays emphasis solely on one – the bodily workouts (asanas). 

Whereas there’s nothing unsuitable with doing workouts solely, it defeats the upper function of Yoga, i.e., mind-body integration. One have a look at the Instagram profile of Yoga academics, and all we see are physique contortions.

Over identification with bodily look and physique picture creates a special set of issues. What’s the good thing about a match physique with an unfit thoughts? Duality creates separation between physique and thoughts, however in essence, they’re one.

And not using a sound thoughts, you gained’t know the best way to maintain the physique, and vice-versa.

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