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Consciousness Is The Key To Religious Awakening

Consciousness is on the core of non secular awakening. With out consciousness or self-knowledge, it’s inconceivable to generate love, kindness, empathy, and compassion, not just for oneself but additionally for others. Even for the thoughts to show inwards, we want consciousness. Our life is generally an action-reaction loop, and we stay caught regardless of understanding its futility. Consciousness brings knowledge – a profound data of a special type that disentangles the knots created by the compulsive considering thoughts.

When one door closes, many others open. One wants the best imaginative and prescient to see it. I’m not speaking in regards to the eyes. I’m speaking about opening the thoughts to varied potentialities – to the infinite potential that you’ve got inside you. 

The issue with us is that we maintain clinging to the closed door. I’ll provide you with my instance. A few years again, I used to be so fixated on the concept of constructing it huge as an entrepreneur that I didn’t contemplate every other chance apart from entrepreneurship. I used to be so blinded by my fantasies that I couldn’t see that I didn’t have the best expertise to change into a profitable entrepreneur.

I attempted every thing in my capability however stored failing. At the moment, my vanity was in tatters. I turned depressed. We change into so mesmerized by success tales in media that we don’t even take into consideration the bulk who don’t make it.

And each time we fail, it feels prefer it’s recreation over. And guess what occurs subsequent? We discover somebody guilty. I did the identical – the economic system is just not proper, no one helps me, my father is just not wealthy, my pals don’t assist me, my partner is just not understanding, I’ve mortgages, the world is a horrible place, I’m unfortunate, god is just not on my aspect, and so forth and so forth.

Individuals ridiculed me, and it damage my ego. Issues used to go fallacious on the final minute and through probably the most surprising moments. However that’s life.

The query is – what are you going to do when life dumps you in a rubbish pit? You gained’t get wherever with out resistance. That’s the character of existence. So how do you suppose the turnaround occurs?

It occurs by growing self-compassion. You should know your self greater than you realize something on this world. After we’re not self-aware, we unconsciously proceed with self-sabotaging behaviors.

Starting With Self-Consciousness

Step one is to domesticate self-awareness. How can we do this? Earlier than I reply that, let me let you know a narrative. There was an amazing king who desired to satisfy Buddha as a result of his spouse was a religious follower. 

She had been following Buddha’s instructing for a few years, even earlier than her marriage to the king. The king was curious and wished to satisfy the Buddha in particular person, and as they are saying these days, see what the fuss is all about.

King had heard a number of praises about Buddha from his spouse, and he was desirous to be taught from him. On understanding that the Buddha had agreed to come back, the spouse requested the king to greet Buddha personally as he reached the dominion’s gates.

The king agreed and requested his spouse, “I’m assembly Buddha for the primary time; what ought to I provide him? I’ve a really treasured gem that has been with us for a lot of generations. Will he be happy if I provide him this lustrous gem as a present? Will he settle for it?”

The spouse understanding the Buddha, steered that it will be higher if the king provided him a contemporary lotus flower from the pond as a substitute of the gem. However the king was unconvinced and hesitant to supply the gem. 

He mentioned to his spouse, “I’m certain Buddha will admire receiving one thing so beneficial that I’ve not deemed anyone on this world to be worthy of its possession.” Nonetheless, this didn’t persuade the spouse. Lastly, seeing that his spouse was hung up on giving the lotus, the king determined to supply each.

When Buddha arrived, the king graciously welcomed him and provided the gem. Seeing the gem, the Buddha mentioned, “Drop it!” The king was shocked to see such a response from Buddha. He questioned why Buddha was so displeased with being provided one thing so beneficial.

He mentioned, “Oh, nice Buddha! Maybe you haven’t rigorously checked out what I’m providing you right here. This is among the most interesting gems on the planet. It is part of our legacy and has been within the technology for a lot of ages. Why do you insult me? Don’t you admire what I’m giving as much as honor your presence?”. 

The Buddha once more repeated, “Drop It!”. Since his individuals and Buddha’s disciples surrounded the king, he had no different choice however to conform. He dropped the gem with a heavy coronary heart.

After that, he introduced the lotus flower, and the Buddha repeated, “Drop It!” Now the king was livid, considering that this man was loopy. However at that second, the king had no selection however to throw away the flower, and he did and mentioned, “Now What?” 

The Buddha smiled and mentioned, “I didn’t ask you to drop the objects that you just have been carrying in your fingers, however the psychological photos of them you maintain in your thoughts.”

Buddha informed him to drop the facade, the false picture that he had so strongly recognized inside his thoughts. He mentioned that there’s no king, popper, rich, poor, proper, fallacious, idiot, and realized when you empty your thoughts. 

If you consider it, the gem that the king held on to was nothing greater than a generational burden. All our lives, we’re brainwashed by our caretakers, academics, and society to consider in false concepts of self-worth. 

And someplace alongside the best way, we neglect who we’re and what we would like in life. We lose ourselves to the conditioning of the previous. And we proceed to maintain this burden, hoping that it’s going to deliver us pleasure and happiness. Actual happiness comes once we awaken ourselves to absolutely the fact. 

It’s all about dropping the facade and being your self. It’s about growing the mindfulness to simply accept your self with all of the imperfections, limitations, and shortcomings. The second you take note of these imperfections and limitations, you notice you have been by no means any of those within the first place. In order the Buddha mentioned, “DROP IT!”

Growing self-awareness requires deep inside inquiry into your true nature. Self-awareness has completely different ranges of actuality, and every of them is realized layer-by-layer as we acquire the power to go deeper.

It begins by recognizing our false picture that outcomes from layer-upon-layer of conditioning. When these layers are peeled one after one other, what stays is the true “impersonal” self.

With out having a transparent understanding of our afflictions, we will by no means overcome them. It requires deep introspection and self-reflection. Practising mindfulness meditation may be useful.

Mindfulness is the observe of bringing your consciousness to the current second and observing the contents of your thoughts with out creating any response or judgment. Solely within the current second will your consciousness shine on the essence of who you actually are. 

Not solely that, it’ll set you free from the self-limiting beliefs and concepts that you just’ve been carrying round for ages. That is what Eckhart Tolle means when he makes use of the phrases “the flowering of consciousness.” 

For me, this was an amazing revelation. It helped me perceive how I had created a robust identification with an thought of success based mostly on a restricted variety of elements that weren’t in my management. I used to be deluding myself by considering that cash and fame are the solutions to a contented and fulfilling life. 

I used to be frequently chasing objects of want and sense pleasures solely to keep away from the deeply ingrained afflictions in my psyche. Self-Acceptance was step one that laid the muse for my objective in life and non secular targets. It made me notice who I’m and what I’ve to do. 

There’s a profound quote by Rumi that claims, “Your process is to not look for love, however merely to hunt and discover all of the boundaries inside your self that you’ve got constructed in opposition to it.”

Who creates these boundaries? The ideas and emotions that you just’ve recognized with. What Rumi says right here is that you’ve got mistaken your self to be one thing you’re not. 

If you suppose, you change into the thought. If you really feel, you change into the sensation, and while you emote, you change into the emotion. And by figuring out your self with the contents of your thoughts, you’ve got forgotten your true nature, which is nothing apart from unconditional love. 

There’s no want to hunt love as a result of IT IS YOU. The issue is that you just consider that you could solely heal when others love you. However that love is conditional. It’s based mostly on attachment to type and title as a separate entity.

The second you take away the shape, that love ceases to exist. Your attachment to type is predicated in your have to be validated for what you consider your self to be. You’re comfortable till you retain receiving this validation and change into anxious while you cease receiving it. 

You might have based mostly your complete thought of happiness and success on buying the objects of sense pleasures; there’s certain to be ache and struggling as a result of nothing ever can fulfill your cravings. What Rumi is saying is that there’s something past the thoughts that you’re lacking.  

In case your love is transient, how can or not it’s the reality? Absolute fact is unchanging and eternal. Love is absolutely the fact. You confuse attachment with love and scale back like to a mere feeling, however emotions are momentary or what the Buddhists name impermanence.

If you carry out self-inquiry, you progress nearer to your true essence, and also you expertise this love. Let me provide you with an analogy to elucidate this. If you have a look at the sky, you see the sunshine. However you possibly can’t see the solar when the darkish clouds seem. 

In case you say that the solar has vanished, that might be a fallacious assertion. The solar doesn’t go wherever. It’s at all times there. It’s the darkish clouds that block the solar and provides an phantasm that it has disappeared.

Your love is the everlasting solar, whereas the darkish clouds are the afflicting contents of your thoughts – the adverse ideas that forestall you from experiencing everlasting love.

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is a major problem for most individuals as a result of we’re so used to criticizing ourselves when issues go fallacious. Self-criticism is our commonplace go-to rationalization when issues don’t work our method. Each time my entrepreneurial ventures failed, I blamed myself. 

I unconsciously stored attending to adverse and self-critical ideas till they turned my residing actuality. Once I look again, I really feel that I ought to have been kinder to myself. I used to be exhausting on myself. An enormous cause for my failures was this perfectionist angle that I at all times carried round proudly. 

My ego was so bloated that I couldn’t see how this tendency to do issues completely sabotaged my success. It felt like I used to be being watched and judged for every thing I did. When in actuality, no one cared. However this crucial voice in my thoughts grew louder and informed me that I used to be not adequate. 

Most individuals are confused about their targets and what they need in life. They maintain chasing success and happiness outwards when actual salvation is inside. I’m not saying that it’s dangerous to have worldly targets. We must always do what we have to do to outlive on this world, however we should always not neglect who we’re. 

Realizing ourselves as unconditional-eternal-love is the best self-awareness. And subsequently, self-compassion doesn’t come with out self-awareness. If you’re self-aware, you settle for your self with all your shortcomings. 

I used to consider myself as a multitalented genius who may deal with a number of duties concurrently. The principle cause why my startups failed is that I used to be making an attempt to be a “one-man military.” I believed that I used to be particular and that I may do issues that others couldn’t. However all of that was my ego. 

This realization that I used to be bizarre or common was unsettling at the moment. It damage my ego. It was painful as a result of I had created a false picture that was determined to show itself to the world. That’s once I began practising self-compassion. 

As a substitute of combating my ego, I surrendered. It’s not simple to confront your self, nevertheless it’s the one strategy to notice the reality. And consider me once I let you know this – the second I surrendered, one thing superb occurred. I reignited my artistic spark. I didn’t care about perfection anymore. I allowed myself to make errors and do crappy work.

I ended caring about what individuals would take into consideration my writing. I didn’t should impress my viewers or search validation from them. It was a sense of nice freedom.

Self-compassion signifies that you cease judging and deal with your self kindly. I typically see that the majority of us are type to others once they’re going by a tough patch, however we are usually harsh and unforgiving in relation to ourselves.

In case you’re genuinely empathic, you’ll present the identical compassion to your self as you do for others.

Do you deal with your self with compassion? Most of us don’t. And are you aware why? As a result of there’s a refined voice in your head that’s frequently reminding you of previous disgrace, contempt, unworthiness, and belittlement. It’s referred to as the inside critic. 

After we create robust identification with our inside critic, it turns into inconceivable to stay grounded within the current second. This voice retains reminding us that every thing is our fault. We’re undeserving. The extra we hearken to this inside critic, the extra we begin believing it.

Your afflicting ideas and emotions change into your actuality. You’ll be able to’t eliminate the inside critic by making an attempt to suppress your ideas forcefully. Suppression, avoidance, or any sort of aversion results in bother in a while. 

As a substitute of making an attempt to cease or struggle along with your afflictions, enable them to manifest in your aware consciousness with grace and compassion. Don’t provide resistance. By that, I imply don’t create a sense of aversion to those troubling emotions and feelings. 

If you observe compassion repeatedly, you observe that there’s a sample to those afflicting ideas. Your thoughts is spinning up completely different tales, however they’re all producing the identical final result. The sensation that “I’m not sufficient,” “I’m unworthy,” and so forth. 

If you be taught self-compassion, this negativity loses its energy to affect you. You expertise a renewed sense of self-worth that isn’t depending on exterior compassion however one which naturally generates from inside.

The compassion that you just obtain from the skin has a brief soothing impact. It doesn’t final due to previous thoughts conditioning. Your psychological tendencies and predispositions overtake and hijack your rational thoughts.

This concept that you’re not sufficient or unworthy of affection can maintain you anxious your whole life. I’ve seen underachievers. I’ve additionally seen overachievers. They each run mindlessly after materialistic pleasures hoping that sometime they may fill that void or empty feeling continually they carry of their hearts.

One instance is compulsive purchasing. Now I’m not in opposition to consuming. It’s best to have what you want. However your actions ought to come from the place of the best consciousness. In case you maintain hoarding stuff within the hope that it’s going to make you content or make you sufficient, give it some thought! 

Every bit that you just personal has a psychological value along with the fabric value. You might not be conscious of it at this second, nevertheless it’s there in your unconscious. That’s as a result of while you bought it, you created an identification – an emotional attachment to the merchandise with the expectation that it’s going to make you content or sufficient or extra. And also you go after extra when that expectation is just not met, which is generally the case.

Even while you notice that you just don’t want it anymore, you possibly can’t half with it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have any identifications. That’s like saying you shouldn’t have an ego. No. What I’m saying is that loosen your emotional grip on it in order that while you notice you not want it, you’re capable of half with it.

And that, my buddy, is among the important teachings of the Buddha. So subsequent time you purchase a luxurious merchandise, query your self, “how is it going to counterpoint my life? Am I nonetheless making an attempt to show myself to others, or is that this going to assist me in my journey of self-discovery?”

Essentially the most important barrier to like and compassion is just not the adversities that we meet in life however the judgmental thoughts that forestalls us from seeing the straightforward fact of the current second. However the excellent news is that you could change this default programming by constantly practising self-compassion in real-life conditions. 

Consider it as growing a ability. There can be instances you’ll fail, however that’s okay. Even the best of the greats have had bother displaying themselves love and compassion. There’s an amazing quote by Nelson Mandela that claims, “As I walked out the door in direction of the gate that might result in my freedom, I knew if I didn’t go away my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d nonetheless be in jail.”

What makes self-compassion difficult is that the conditioned thoughts turns us right into a prisoner by forcing us to fall again into outdated ordinary patterns. And it may be extraordinarily irritating. This conditioning is so deeply ingrained inside our psyche that it looks like a type of traps that we are going to by no means be capable to escape. 

We go away no alternative to criticize ourselves. In case you rigorously observe, you’ll discover how strongly you generally react to conditions that aren’t in your favor or don’t go in line with your expectations.

For instance, while you miss your flight, get late for a gathering, neglect your partner’s anniversary, and by the best way, don’t do this, particularly in the event you’re a man, as a result of no quantity of self-compassion goes to save lots of you from the wrath of what’s coming – if you realize what I imply. 

Just a bit heads up for the menfolk on the market!

What I’m saying is that these could also be dangerous conditions, however they’re not so dangerous that you just create unwarranted criticism in direction of your self. I imply, I’ve seen individuals bodily assault themselves for minor errors.

You could say {that a} explicit occasion triggered you, however the actuality is that occasions are usually not in your management. Your overemotional response to a particular occasion could also be related to some repressed emotion.

It could be repressed emotions from long-term bodily or psychological abuse, a long-forgotten childhood trauma, not receiving sufficient emotional and psychological assist in childhood, and extra.

Finally, you’ll have to take accountability to your unconsciousness that creates disagreeable feelings in you.

When you have a mood, settle for it. Don’t justify it egoistically or choose your self for having it. Create a resolve to alter this conditioning by showering your self with utmost love and compassion. However all that can occur while you’re prepared the take accountability. You recognize, as they are saying, the buck stops right here. 

We aren’t our conditioned minds, and we’ve the facility to alter. The extra you observe self-compassion, the higher you get at it. Failure is just not an issue, however judging your self or failing is. With time, you’ll steadily domesticate your capability for self-compassion, even in probably the most difficult circumstances.

You recognize that is the very best time (Apr 2021) to observe self-compassion as we’re going by a lethal pandemic that has taken so many lives and uprooted your complete socioeconomic framework. Many individuals are struggling to make ends meet, and there’s a lot uncertainty in regards to the future.

Don’t enable Your self to be swayed away by your inside critic. Observe mindfulness. Observe meditation. Spend high quality time along with your family members. And deal with your self with kindness and respect.

Growing Compassion For Others

The final step is to develop compassion for others, even in direction of those that are usually not your well-wishers. Now I do know this isn’t simple. However in the event you maintain practising, you’ll finally develop this high quality. In Buddhism, this idea is known as loving-kindness or metta. 

I’m planning to provide you with some loving-kindness-guided meditations that can make it easier to. Growing compassion for others turns into simple when you be taught to be compassionate to your self.

However right here’s the factor! Please perceive, compassion doesn’t imply that you just enable individuals to harm you bodily or psychologically. If you end up in the best way of hurt, you will need to do every thing you possibly can to guard your self. And whereas doing that, don’t create emotions of hatred in direction of the opposite particular person.

As soon as upon a time, a snake had a sudden awakening and determined to comply with the trail of affection and compassion to realize liberation. He sought assist from a realized monk who lived in a close-by monastery.

The monk, out of kindness, taught him the strategies and classes on compassion. After a few years of studying compassion, the snake was hit exhausting by the conclusion that he did a lot fallacious in life. 

He repented and sobbed inconsolably about the truth that he had bitten so many individuals and brought harmless lives for no cause. He wowed that he would by no means chunk one other human being so long as he lived.

Simply then, a bunch of drunk village individuals was passing by. They seen the snake and began beating it mercilessly. The snake was gravely injured to the purpose of loss of life, however he didn’t struggle again. After these individuals left, that very same monk, his grasp, passing by, seen the injured snake. 

He requested what had occurred. And the snake informed him every thing. The snake requested him, “Is that this what I get for being compassionate? I used to be higher off bitting individuals. At the very least they by no means dared to come back shut.” 

The monk smiled and replied, “You didn’t be taught the teachings correctly. I requested you to not chunk individuals out of compassion, however I by no means requested you to cease hissing and scaring them away once they bother you.” 

Typically individuals attempt to damage us in numerous methods by enjoying covert psychological video games. However we should have a conscious presence to perceive the scenario and reply accordingly. Don’t sacrifice your self for the well-being of others. Don’t be a people-pleaser or a “sure” particular person. 

That’s why I place a lot emphasis on self-awareness earlier than compassion. In case you don’t know your self, you’ll by no means be capable to develop compassionate emotions for others. A majority of individuals spend their whole lives complaining about others. They love enjoying the “sufferer.” They constantly create resentment and emotions of revenge or getting even with others. 

The second you begin altering these unconscious patterns, it’s possible that your judgmental thoughts will present up. You’ll really feel responsible about having adverse ideas, and that’s simply one other lure of the ego. The ego doesn’t need you out. So self-love and self-care ought to at all times be your precedence, and it’s not egocentric.


We’re the divine sentient beings having this human expertise. And never realizing our true nature, we search for a savior outdoors. You don’t want a guru or a savior. Essentially the most highly effective transformational instruments are already inside you.

What’s wanted is a shift within the focus from exterior to inside. It’s a must to energy to create the lifetime of your goals. You might have a potent instrument referred to as the thoughts; befriend it and take advantage of out of it.

Assist unfold the message!


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