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Cassiope and Heather Flower Essences

Cassiope, the goddess Cassiopeia, and Heather

The altered Cassiope picture at left is by Walter Siegmund, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, through Wikimedia Commons. 

The Heather picture at proper is within the public area. The nymph was created utilizing Midjourney AI and Photoshop by me.

I have been questioning about Cassiope flower essence and what it may need to do with Cassiopeia, the mythological determine and constellation (if something). So I dove into researching the potential connections and located it an attention-grabbing journey.

Cassiope can be known as White Mountain Heather which is in the identical botanical household because the Heather additionally used as a Bach flower essence. The 2 vegetation have a lot in frequent: an identical tiny overlapping leaf construction, an identical sufficient bell-like form to the flowers, and crimson or reddish flower stems. But the 2 seem (at first) to don’t have anything in frequent when it comes to use. 

The flower essence Cassiope is for individuals who have develop into disconnected from the enjoyment of physicality and life on earth, maybe due to spiritual beliefs, bodily or emotional trauma. Self-pity or deep discouragement is usually a part of this image. If you cannot respect bodily life, it may be laborious to resist the challenges and hardships that comes with it. Cassiope flower essence brings a sense of gratitude and appreciation again in, and a pleasure of bodily embodiment.

Heather, however, is for individuals who cling to individuals and may’t cease speaking about themselves and their issues. Sure, the self-pity could be just like Cassiope. However most individuals describe those that want Heather as narcissists as a result of they appear to have little or no curiosity or empathy for different individuals. They’re self-absorbed, a behavior many lonely individuals within the throes of despair generally fall into. Heather helps you really feel much less overwhelmingly needy and extra capable of open your coronary heart to others and have wholesome mutually helpful relationships. 

To actually perceive the connection between these two flowers, although, I needed to be taught the parable of Cassiopeia. She was a Nereid—a sea nymph—who was famend for her superb magnificence. The King of Ethiopia (Aethiopia again then) married her so she turned a queen. After which she began to brag that she was extra stunning than her sisters or maybe any of the goddesses. This narcissistic hubris couldn’t go unpunished. The god Poseidon despatched a big wave to destroy Aethiopia however Cassiopeia used her magic powers to cease it. Poseidon then despatched a sea monster who might solely be appeased by Cassiopeia sacrificing her beloved and equally stunning daughter Andromeda. Andromeda agreed to let herself be chained to the shore so the ocean monster might kill her however on the final second the Greek hero Perseus flew in on the winged horse Pegasus. He turned the ocean monster to stone utilizing Medusa’s lately minimize off head and rescued her. Perseus and Andromeda married and lived an extended completely happy life. 

However Cassiopeia couldn’t go unpunished. Poseidon put her on her throne after which threw her into the sky to develop into a constellation. Her true torture was that her throne was the wrong way up no less than half the 12 months and she or he needed to cling on for expensive life or fall to her loss of life. Discuss a life disconnected from earth and full of distress!

What I glean from that is the concept that the 2 Heathers each handle the distress of feeling disconnected from bodily life. Those that want Cassiope get no pleasure from physicality in any respect; Heather thinks they will in some way steal that pleasure from different individuals after they, additionally, have to really feel okay on the planet with out behaving in such a narcissistic vogue. Once they use these flower essences they really feel extra linked to the earth, extra of their our bodies (much less ungrounded). That paves the way in which for a greater relationship to all that’s.


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