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Barangaroo Runners – How To Inform The Distinction Between A Calf Cramp And A DVT?

Have you ever been benefiting from the Barangaroo Reserve operating route? Or testing your self on the Barangaroo stairs? A typical criticism amongst runners is cramping within the calves. However how do you inform the distinction between a straight ahead calf cramp and a extra severe harm like a DVT?

A DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is a blot clot that varieties on account of blood thickening and clumping collectively in a vein deep within the physique. A muscle cramp is outlined as an uncontrollable and painful spasm of the muscle.

Indicators & Signs of a DVT

– ache and tenderness within the leg

– ache on extending the foot

– swelling of the decrease leg, ankle and foot

– pores and skin that’s crimson and heat to the touch

– a “tiredness” in your calf
A calf cramp can generally current in each legs, the place as a blood clot will normally seem in a single spot. A DVT will usually current with ache, redness, warmth and a palpable lump, whereas a pressure or muscle cramp will likely be painful however doesn’t at all times have redness or warmth radiating from the realm. A cramp can normally be “walked off”, whereas a DVT has a continuing ache depth.

Threat Components for a DVT

– extended mattress relaxation

– lengthy haul automobile, prepare or airplane journeys

– weight problems

– smoking

– varicose veins

– main surgical procedure or severe harm

– being pregnant, hormonal contraception and/or hormone alternative remedy

– stroke

– spinal twine harm

In case you’ve skilled a operating harm or any decrease leg ache that you simply’re unsure of, make sure you have it checked out with one among our Bend + Mend Physiotherapists right now. We’ve got clinics at each Barangaroo – King Road Wharf and Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD. In case you’re involved you is likely to be struggling signs much like that of a DVT make sure you e book an appointment along with your GP instantly.


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