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Autumn Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings and Low Again

As we enter the cooler season, welcome the altering colours, and decelerate for Autumn – let’s launch some pressure from the decrease physique.

These 7 deep stretches will get into the hips, hamstrings and decrease again. They’re a bit extra intermediate in nature because of the longer holds of deep poses. In case you are advancing your apply chances are you’ll wish to have some props that can assist you in these poses.

1. Large Legged Youngster’s Pose – From palms and knees, convey the knees broad and massive toes collectively. Be mindful, the broader the knees the deeper the stretch. Press the hips again in direction of the heels. Stroll the palms ahead, decreasing the brow down. Elevate and pull out of the decrease again, working with gravity as you maintain for a number of breaths.

2. Stomach Quad Stretch – Shift ahead onto the stomach. Bringing the knees and toes hip width aside. Place the left forearm at a forty five diploma angle for a powerful base. Bend the fitting knee. Perhaps reaching again with the fitting hand to seize the foot, pulling it in in direction of the glute. Maintaining the knee in step with the hip. If too intense, decrease right down to the brow to ease out of the again bend. Push the pubic bone and proper knee cap right down to the mat. After a number of breaths, repeat on the opposite facet.

3. Downward Canine – Push sturdy within the arms to elevate up. With palms shoulder width and toes hip width aside, tuck the toes and elevate the hips up and again. Bend the fitting knee and push into left heel. After a pair breaths, swap sides.

4. Three-Legged Canine – Kick the fitting leg up, bend the knee, and squeeze foot in to the glute. Open the hip. Get the knee to be the height. Push the chest in direction of the thigh.

5. Lizard Pose – Step the fitting foot to the highest of the mat, in direction of the periphery. Wider than the hip. Each palms contained in the foot. Perhaps rocking forwards and backwards. You’ll be able to maintain the knee lifted or decrease it down. You may additionally decrease right down to the forearms. Push into the massive proper toe. Once more working with gravity as you maintain the pose.

6. Pigeon Pose – If on the forearms, elevate to the palms. Toe heel the foot to the left. Inserting the fitting knee behind the fitting wrist. Lengthen and straighten the again leg out. Keep up on palms, stack the fists or decrease to the forearms.

Repeat 3 via 6 on the opposite facet.

7. Seated Twist – Come to take a seat comfortably. Elevate up good and tall. Convey the left hand to the fitting knee, proper hand again behind you. Opening as much as the facet. Pulling the shoulder again. After a pair breaths, return to heart after which repeat to the left.


These poses come from a 15 minute morning apply from my e book Yr of Yoga. I additionally shared the video to YouTube and my app to provide you a way of what to anticipate whenever you buy this hybrid e book. Test the complete class out beneath.



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