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Have you wondered what it would be like to expand your knowledge and practice by becoming certified in an Asian bodywork modality? Here, practitioners of shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, acupressure, tuina and medical qigong share their experiences in practicing these types of bodywork.

Have you ever puzzled what it will be prefer to develop your information and observe by changing into licensed in an Asian bodywork modality? Right here, practitioners of shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, acupressure, tuina and medical qigong share their experiences in working towards some of these bodywork.

These articles have been facilitated by the American Group of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA®), which gives schooling and assist to practitioners of Asian bodywork modalities.

What’s Asian Bodywork?

Asian Bodywork Remedy is a novel bodywork remedy that helps therapeutic. It’s distinctive as a result of the first focus is on treating the physique’s system of qi, meridians and acupoints by the lens of Chinese language drugs. By dispersing stagnation, nourishing weak point, creating steadiness and inspiring the circulate of qi, profound therapeutic is realized.

The commonest types of Asian Bodywork Remedy embrace shiatsu, anma, tuina and acupressure. Whereas having roots in the identical Far East Asian drugs theories and rules as acupuncture, Asian Bodywork Remedy makes use of thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and non-invasive devices relatively than needles. Therapy of the consumer contains utilizing varied assessments, methods and strategies in an effort to promote, keep and restore bodily, emotional, psychological, energetic and religious well being.

The Marvel and Shock of the Research of Shiatsu

Shiatsu is rooted in conventional Asian drugs, which is poetry and artwork, philosophy and science. It’s a type of meditation by which we prepare our consideration to the rhythm of the particular person with whom we’re working and match this as intently as we are able to. This type of resonance, even with out including level or channel dynamics, is profoundly therapeutic.

Including the purpose and channel dynamics, the work deepens. I spent my first yr of shiatsu examine being repeatedly shocked by the power of a degree. My first shock was on my very first day of examine. Bladder 27, one and a half physique inches from the center sacral crest, degree with the primary posterior sacral foramen, is the again yu level for the small gut. One can assess and deal with the small gut utilizing this level, however I didn’t know that on the time.

The trainer was merely demonstrating treating the bladder channel, and I used to be the particular person on the mat. When she pressed bladder 27, I felt an amazing, nice heat unfold by my stomach. A yr earlier, I’d had surgical procedure to take away two inches of my small gut—however my digestive signs had continued. Over the following yr and a half, I acquired weekly shiatsu classes and had the firsthand expertise of watching symptom after symptom of that continual sickness resolve.

Shiatsu helps to steadiness the physique, but it surely additionally helps to steadiness the thoughts and feelings. The psyche shouldn’t be actually separate from the soma, and this understanding is foundational to conventional Asian drugs. The correspondences of the 5 phases of transformation embrace the feelings related to every section.

Worry is related to the water section, which can be related to the kidney (suppose adrenals). Anxiousness is an interaction between the hearth and water phases (coronary heart and kidney). So, for instance, if I have been treating a consumer with anxiousness, I would nicely start by supporting the water section and observe by treating the hearth section.

Karen Elisa Broyles
Karen Elisa Broyles

Motion dynamics as they relate to the channels are fascinating. As an example, with an understanding of the motion dynamics of the Six Divisions, one might surmise that working the small gut channel is likely to be an integral a part of relieving a consumer’s again ache. I typically deal with difficulties in turning components of the physique, or restrictions within the diaphragms of the physique, by working with the shao yang (gallbladder and triple hotter channels).

Throughout my first yr of examine, I discovered myself changing into clearer and calmer. I skilled a near-unshakeable sense of well being and well-being. I’ve been happy to look at this course of in my shoppers and myself for almost 30 years now. Shiatsu is profoundly therapeutic, not just for the recipients of the work however for individuals who undertake to check it. I invite you to stroll with me on this path.

—Karen Elisa Broyles, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM) ®, AOBTA-CP, Registered Superior Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®

Profound Transformation by Chi Nei Tsang

Chi nei tsang, the traditional Taoist observe of inner organ therapeutic massage, has been a really inspiring course of for my therapeutic and religious evolution. I nonetheless recall the fun of my first exploration of it, on the Therapeutic Tao Heart in New York. Numerous sensations and signs in my physique started to make sense. I realized to acknowledge them as energetic blocks, saved within the physique’s cells and reminiscences, constricting chi circulation within the very important organs, inflicting tightness, ache, stress and toxicity.

The profound transformation I skilled receiving chi nei tsang and witnessing my shoppers’ enhancements with this modality impressed me to make it the main focus of my observe. Sharing these therapeutic instruments with shoppers and college students brings a lot achievement as I see the lasting impression on their well being and their lives.

Chi nei tsang means inner organ chi therapeutic massage. It’s a department of Chinese language drugs developed by Mantak Chia and relies on the traditional rules of the Tao. This therapeutic course of impacts the chi vibrations of the organs. It clears up bodily and emotional signs related to imbalances, supporting bodily perform and offering deep rejuvenation.

Asian modalities, chi nei tsang included, view the symptomatic or imbalanced areas and the wholesome or balanced components as an entire. The main target is to extend total vitality and produce the circulate of balanced power from the wholesome half to the symptomatic one. Usually, signs, accidents and continual circumstances current with an emotional part. The bodily ache displays an emotional ache that causes inner obstructions and imbalance.

The chi nei tsang session particularly addresses each bodily and emotional stagnation and facilitates harmonious integration of the physique and thoughts. The practitioner and the consumer are working collectively in co-creating belief, openness and well-being.

Every session contains stomach therapeutic massage, inner organ manipulation, analysis and opening of the navel gate, reworking emotional stress and firming the six therapeutic sounds. I discover that mixing these therapeutic instruments will increase my shoppers’ consciousness of how emotional stress impacts their our bodies and is especially helpful for stress-related syndromes, together with migraines, digestive issues, allergic reactions, circulatory issues, fatigue, rigidity, muscle and joint pains, PMS, hormonal imbalances, sports activities accidents, again ache and religious transformation.

Osi Livni
Osi Livni

The chi nei tsang strategies are simply utilized for self-healing. Most shoppers and college students undertake these instruments into their self-care routines.

Whether or not in your self-growth or as a part of your skilled coaching, I invite you to discover the distinctive strategies of chi nei tsang. They’re beneficial for each self-healing and as hands-on observe with others. They restore steadiness, rejuvenate the inner organs, enhance vitality and develop one’s constructive attitudes, interior knowledge and energy.

Osi Livni, AOBTA-CI, Teacher at Pacific Faculty of Oriental Medication

Acupressure Relieves Stress and Trauma-Associated Issues

Have you ever ever puzzled if the physique is the unconscious thoughts? Or had the expertise of a understanding or feeling deep inside you? I believe most of us have heard ourselves say, “I simply really feel it in my intestine,” or “I didn’t take into consideration one thing, I simply knew what to do or say within the second.”

I’m a Registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressurist, Licensed Jin Shin Do Instructor and a Licensed Practitioner of Asian Bodywork Remedy by the American Group for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA). I’m additionally a Diplomate in Asian Bodywork Remedy by the Nationwide Certification Fee for Acupuncture and Oriental Medication (NCCAOM®). By the previous 10 years of giving and receiving this work, I’ve realized the great advantages of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure®.

As a practitioner, I discover Asian Bodywork Remedy to be extraordinarily rewarding in that, together with my shoppers benefiting from the power work, I too really feel renewed and linked with the considerable supply of power obtainable to us all the time. “How so?” you might ask. One of many great issues about giving acupressure is the flexibility to remain within the current second. Time falls away as I keep targeted on what I hear, really feel and scent with my consumer. All of the senses are engaged throughout an acupressure session, which robotically will get me out of my thoughts and into feeling the power supporting and surrounding the session.

As a recipient of acupressure, I’ve realized to belief my physique and the messages I obtain from the acupoints. For instance, when holding a degree, the practitioner might ask what I’m noticing in regards to the level, inviting me to be open to sharing a phrase, picture, phrase, feeling or coloration that helps describe what I’m experiencing. Holding me targeted on this sense permits me to remain linked to my physique whereas persevering with to specific myself because the layers of rigidity launch.

By this system, I’ve realized numerous truths from my physique that the thoughts might by no means give you. In different phrases, my reality lives within the bodymind!

Sheryl Huske
Sheryl Huske

What’s Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure? Jin Shin Do means “The best way of the compassionate spirit” and this type of acupressure makes use of gentle-yet-deep finger stress on particular acupoints and verbal bodymind focusing strategies to assist launch armoring or continual rigidity, steadiness the qi, or power, and enhance vitality. It’s a novel synthesis of conventional Japanese acupressure approach, traditional Chinese language acupuncture and acupressure idea, Daoist philosophy, qigong (respiration and train strategies), Reichian segmental idea and rules of Ericksonian psychotherapy. It’s a clothes-on technique that helps relieve stress and trauma-related issues.

I invite you to do your self a favor: Discover a registered Jin Shin Do acupressurist to benefit from the magic for your self and presumably start finding out!

Sheryl Huske, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA-CP, Registered Jin Shin Do Acupressurist, Licensed Jin Shin Do Instructor. Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure is acknowledged as a specific type of Asian Bodywork Remedy by the AOBTA. To be taught extra, go to

Tuina Relaxes Folks on the Bodily, Emotional and Psychological Ranges

I started to be taught Chinese language Medication in 2010 once I was a freshman majoring in acupuncture and tuina on the Hunan College of Chinese language Medication. Even now, I nonetheless bear in mind all of the physique energy coaching I did throughout my first three years in class earlier than beginning any tuina lessons.

Tuina consumes the practitioner’s qi, so the primary class I had in my tuina research coated how you can enhance qi. In China, tuina docs sometimes swap to different departments of their 40s as a result of recovering from giving tuina classes turns into tougher.

Tuina, a mix of channel palpation, acupressure and physique manipulation, is the earliest type of Asian Bodywork Remedy and has been utilized in China for hundreds of years. Usually, in a tuina session, the affected person lies on the desk or sits on a chair of their most relaxed place. The practitioner asks a sequence of questions after which begins remedy with fingers, arms, elbows and forearms—urgent, kneading, pushing and tapping on the physique floor.

The kind of tuina delivered by varied practitioners may be fairly completely different, however we all the time test with sufferers about their emotions and approach endurance. Many instances, we use natural wine, ointments and warmth to reinforce the tuina strategies. Usually, we mix cupping with tuina when treating muscular issues.

I like tuina although it’s time- and energy-consuming. From my perspective, tuina helps loosen up sufferers on the bodily, emotional and psychological ranges. Tuina helps to activate qi and blood circulate.

I bear in mind two sufferers with complications and insomnia in my medical theater class at AOMA. Each their pulses have been deep and weak earlier than remedy, and I did quarter-hour of tuina for every earlier than continuing with acupuncture. The primary affected person’s pulse turned stronger, and the second affected person’s pulse didn’t change.

I advised college students that the primary affected person’s headache would lower drastically after needling and that the second affected person’s wouldn’t. My “guessing” was appropriate—when the affected person has a constructive response to tuina, qi and blood circulation will speed up, and their pulse will change. It is a important indication for the practitioner to judge their prognosis throughout remedy. Tuina is helpful for muscular points and different issues arising from qi and blood stagnation and ache is the symptom we cope with essentially the most.

Zhenni Jin
Zhenni Jin

Tuina shouldn’t be just for adults. A department of tuina focuses on pediatrics. Tuina is a noninvasive and low-cost remedy for kids, particularly for these from 0 to three years of age. Methods in pediatric tuina are completely different than these used on adults, and the main focus is extra on the frequency and timing of every session. Dad and mom with infants discover that performing tuina on their very own kids at residence is a superb treatment when the youngsters expertise delicate coughing, bronchial asthma, fever and indigestion.

Younger or outdated, practitioner or consumer, tuina gives many advantages!

Zhenni Jin, DAOM, LAc, AOBTA-CP, Teacher at AOMA

Guiding Sufferers to the Finest Model of Themselves with Medical Qigong

Qigong requires three parts: breath, motion and intention. The intention behind qigong can then be divided into 4 cultivation paths: martial, well being, religious, and medical or medical. Lately, the time period medical qigong has been conflated with well being qigong. So, for readability, I’ll seek advice from my client-centric therapeutic work as medical qigong.

I used to be launched to qigong in 1991 as a part of my martial coaching. My Tibetan kung fu trainer, an herbalist and acupuncturist by career, taught us to make use of qigong as a approach to develop inner energy, improve our consciousness and heal coaching accidents.

By 2000, my coaching targeted on therapeutic not solely bodily accidents but in addition psychological and emotional ache. I felt my complete being remodel by this deep, private cultivation path. In 2014, I started coaching in medical qigong with Bernard Shannon, DTCM, DMQ (China) on the Worldwide Medical Qigong Faculty and located most of the puzzle items I wanted to proceed my private cultivation/therapeutic journey. In 2016, my Grasp of Medical Qigong certification set me firmly on a path to working with others by the lens of Conventional Chinese language Medication and 5 Component Principle.

In September 2016, I opened the Medical Qigong Remedy Heart, which has been built-in into the SimplyAware Wellness and Coaching Heart. My medical qigong observe is concentrated on serving to individuals discover the inner energy to heal and combine painful life experiences.

As a result of medical qigong entails psychological, emotional, bodily and doubtlessly religious ranges of the human situation, there actually isn’t any typical path by a medical session. Throughout a consumer’s preliminary session, we study one another, figuring out if we match as companions on their therapeutic journey. The subsequent step is normally a qigong energetic evaluation, a dialogue of what was found, and their first of many homework assignments.

As a result of our bodily, psychological and emotional elements are deeply intertwined, every needing to be addressed as a part of the entire, my medical qigong observe incorporates many modalities. Qi emission remedy helps me perceive a consumer’s energetic panorama which then guides perspective-shifting discussions addressing psychological and emotional incongruences. As a result of the power meridians from conventional Chinese language drugs run alongside the physique’s fascial layers, I typically use tuina and cupping to assist launch fascial adhesions and scar tissue.

Chris Bouguyon
Chris Bouguyon

As soon as free, I can extra successfully use qi emission to completely clear the meridians, serving to the consumer transfer towards homeostasis. From there, I’m higher capable of provide prescriptive qigong workouts to assist the consumer realign and reset bodily points, and meditations or breath work to assist realign psychological and emotional disharmonies.

I see myself not as a healer however a facilitator, guiding shoppers towards the very best and finest model of themselves. I invite them to be form to themselves and educate them how you can hear and work with their wonderful our bodies to scale back or eradicate ache. I empower them to empower themselves, which to me is essentially the most rewarding and difficult job I’ve ever had.

Chris Bouguyon, AOBTA-CP, Grasp of Medical Qigong

Skilled Recognition

Different bodywork remedy practitioners who want to assist shoppers in an built-in and holistic means might discover nice profit in finding out and changing into certified in Asian Bodywork Remedy. The American Group for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA®) is the skilled membership group for Asian Bodywork Therapists in the US and gives for the skilled recognition of practitioners, instructors and colleges. Discover the small print on the AOBTA® web site.


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