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Arms Free Yoga (Give Your Wrists a Break)

Do you could have sore wrists? Want to provide your palms a break? Do that mini circulation that’s completely free from weight bearing on the arms.

These 7 poses are all achieved standing. You may nonetheless get a strong observe, whereas engaged on stability or strengthening the legs.

1. Standing Cat/Cow – Stand on the prime of your mat, with toes hip width aside. Reaching the tail down. Convey the arms out in entrance, with elbows bent. Inhale to raise the guts, squeeze the shoulder blades again. Exhale to carry biceps collectively, rounding and contracting the backbone. Attempt to isolate this in your higher and mid again. Take about 5 rounds.

2. Aspect Bend – Convey the suitable hand to the surface of the suitable thigh. Attain your left arm up and over, holding the left shoulder pulling again. Push out into the left hip. Use obliques to raise again up. Repeat different aspect.

3. Standing Pigeon – Stand with palms on hips or collectively on the coronary heart. Lean onto left leg, raise the suitable knee up. Cross the suitable ankle over the left thigh. Bend the supporting leg, as you ship hips again. Repeat different aspect.

4. Excessive Lunge – From standing with toes hip width, step the left foot again. Bend into the suitable knee generously. Attain the arms up overhead. Open right into a twist in direction of the suitable, reaching left hand ahead and proper hand again.

5. Warrior 3 – Come again to heart, with palms overhead. Exhale to tilt ahead and raise the left foot. Coming at most parallel to the bottom. Preserve the left hip wrapping down. Perhaps bringing the arms again on the sides.

Repeat 4 and 5 on different aspect.

6. Goddess – Flip to face the lengthy fringe of your mat. Taking the toes vast, turning the heels in and toes out. Squeeze the glutes to push the knees open as you sink down. Raise the suitable heel off of the ground. Pulse right here, lifting and decreasing the hips simply and inch or two. Decrease the suitable heel and swap to the left.

7. Huge-Legged Ahead Fold – Flip the toes into parallel. Fold down. Letting the backbone decompress. Head heavy. Resting arms down should you like.

These 7 poses come from a ten minute morning class I shared on YouTube. Test the total observe out under.




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