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Air Conscious Elemental Qigong

Enter the Air

‘Respiration is crucial factor, the whole lot else can wait’

We depend on the air to maintain us alive. It’s crucial ingredient to our quick survival.

Its invisibility is intriguing. Its presence solely discerned when it strikes round, out and in of us.

Our inner tubes heat the air, you may discover how your breath feels hotter as you exhale than once you inhale.

You alter the air. It interacts together with your very make up, its biochemistry has an intimate reference to your individual.

The ability of the Air, of inspiration is obvious, its subtler qualities we get to discover once we tune into its rhythm, cadence and high quality on this course. And the properties of the Air and the way it connects us all.

There’s a lot extra I’d prefer to share with you, and have x4 LIVE classes lined as much as allow this:

Tuesday 2 Could – 10-11am

Tuesday 9 Could – 10-11am

Tuesday 16 Could – 9-10am

Thursday 25 Could – 7.00-9.00 ‘Grasp Class’

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Right here’s how one can get entry to this months membership.

You’ll obtain weekly LIVE classes with reflection time within the group with me afterwards.

Entry to the personal fb web page and WhatsApp group.

Commonplace value is £64

Concession price is £33

Donation value in celebration of World Tai Chi Qigong Day accessible solely till midnight on Sunday 30 April

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“What a stunning session that was yesterday! I’ve accomplished a number of comparable meditations and they’re at all times useful, and I discover guided visualisation notably good in stopping my ideas from wandering, however the water bit added one thing further. It additionally felt nice to do it with others and I’m positive the sum of a gaggle is greater than its components.”

Corinna H

“Qigong will increase my power ranges following every session. I not expertise the tiredness I affiliate with extra standard train plans. Ever grateful to you Clara.”

Sue W

“Thanks on your fantastic session final night time. At occasions I felt I used to be floating I used to be so relaxed and I can’t imagine how rapidly the session went with being so immersed in it, one minute it began then we had been closing… I used to be like woooah.. time notion shifted so superbly mild and sort, nourishing but expansive.. thanks.”

Lisa E

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