Friday, September 29, 2023
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Again within the Boat – Poise and Presence

As soon as weekly, an early morning paddle. My little Hurricane Santee serves me properly, as does an Alexander Method follow:

Observe:My finger/thumb joints damage. On every stroke, I’m pulling the paddle down and again with my palms doing a lot of the work.’

Inhibit: Right here I can cease altogether (stop paddling and float), or just cease what I’ve been as much as. I selected to cease working a lot from the palms and my whole arm constructions turned extra engaged within the stream of the paddling, all the way in which again to my again.

Direct: ‘I permit my head to maneuver away from my backbone, that my backbone might lengthen and my torso widen.‘ (And my arms get to maneuver freely, the palms engaged with the work required and no extra.)

Because the summer season season wanes, get on the market. Wherever. Breathe. Stroll. Paddle. Run. Hop. Bounce. Skip—-Roll. Flounce. Spin. You get the thought—


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