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13 Tai Chi postures/ rules

Training often Tai Chi kind taught by Grasp Helen Liang allows me to expertise Qi circulate simply. – Sifu Ricardo B Serrano

With due to Tai Chi Grasp Helen Liang for her 13 Tai Chi kind and Qigong kind Vajra Sattva Hitting Follow to advertise Qi circulate circulation that are very important for concord, energy, stability and internal peace in your soul complementing my Tao Therapeutic Fingers apply.

The traditional Vajra Sattva Hitting Qigong apply by Helen Liang is of explicit significance to the cultivation of the soul gentle physique by selling Qi circulate within the vitality facilities and acupuncture meridians, and is complementary to the cultivation of soul communication channels within the Tao Therapeutic Fingers apply. – Ricardo B Serrano, Tao Therapeutic Fingers practitioner

The 13 Postures of Tai Chi
The 13 Postures is the inspiration of Tai Chi Chuan. With out these postures there’s neither the Chuan (kind) nor the push-hands. These postures had been derived from the Eight Trigrams (the primary 8 postures – energies) and the 5 Components (the final 5 postures – steps). The 13 postures are:

1. Peng (ward-off)
2. Lu (roll-back)
3. Chi (press)
4. An (push)
5. Tsai (pull-down)
6. Lieh (break up)
7. Chou (elbow strike)
8. Kao (shoulder strike)
9. Chin (advance)
10. Tui (retreat)
11. Ku (look left)
12. Pan (look proper)
13. Ting (middle)

The 13 Rules of Tai Chi
The 13 rules should execute the thoughts, Qi, and bodily motion in a single unit. Which means when the thoughts is concentrated on a selected space of the physique, the Qi will circulate into that space. When the Qi flows into an space, energy will observe.

1. Sinking of Shoulders and Dropping of Elbows
2. Enjoyable of Chest and Rounding of Again
3. Sinking Qi right down to Dan Tien
4. Frivolously Pointing Up the Head
5. Rest of Waist and Hip
6. Differentiate Between Empty and Full: Yin and Yang
7. Coordination of Higher and Decrease Elements of the Physique
8. Utilizing the Thoughts As a substitute of Pressure
9. Concord Between Inner and Exterior
10. Connecting the Thoughts and the Qi
11. Discover Stillness Inside Motion
12. Motion and Stillness Current at As soon as
13. Continuity and Evenness All through the Type

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