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13 Kundalini Yoga Poses to Energize Your Physique and Thoughts

An age-old method that may assist you to harness sturdy power and alter your life is kundalini yoga.

Kundalini shakti that stays inert on the base of the backbone within the root chakra might be awoken by performing kundalini yoga poses. It additionally encourages the free circulation of prana power, which aids in bettering self-awareness.

You’ll maintain poses longer when practising kundalini yoga along with repeating asanas. The power to usually repeat poses in an organized circulation requires each psychological and bodily toughness. 

Advantages of Kundalini Yoga Poses

With the apply of kundalini yoga poses, the power on the navel level will likely be balanced, strengthened, and centred. It’s the power of digestion which comes from Samana Vayu. You will have limitless power and the ability to alter your self at will when your navel centre power is strong. Moreover, it’ll assist the physique calm down and strengthen whereas stretching and releasing any stress that has constructed up.

In addition to making us stronger and extra strong in our yoga apply and different aspects of our lives, this enhances our endurance and stamina. Additionally they foster a goal-driven angle by expelling anxiousness and insecurity.

Athletes can considerably profit from this kriya as it’ll assist them carry out at their greatest throughout apply and competitors. 

On a deeper stage, it opens up the third chakra, your navel-based power level which is the seat of willpower, transformation, and empowerment.

The 13 Kundalini Yoga Poses

To facilitate your apply, we’ve got described beneath a set of 13 yoga poses that when performed in a sequence might be of nice benefit to your physique and kundalini awakening

Right here, it’s value mentioning that this set of 13 poses of kundalini yoga is often known as the Superior Belly Strengthening Kriya, which primarily works in your core. It’s stated activating your core may help you overcome unhealthy habits. This whole sequence of 13 poses is among the simplest Kundalini kriyas for acquiring the braveness to interrupt damaging habits.

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Allow us to see these poses one after the other:

1. Alternate leg carry

This beginning kundalini yoga pose helps open your hips and can spark power on the navel. Opening and stretching the groin may also stimulate the root chakra the place kundalini really resides. A slight stretch can also be felt on the decrease again.

You need to be cautious to not pressure the lifting of the leg. As per your flexibility, use the assist of your hand to maintain the leg lifted until you’ll be able to obtain the right alignment.

Steps to carry out

  • Lie down in your again.
  • Hold your arms beside your physique, palms dealing with down. Alternatively, place your hand below your buttocks should you want additional assist.
  • Inhale and carry your proper leg upwards. Elevate till your leg makes a 90-degree angle with the bottom.
  • Flex your ft such that your toes are pointed in direction of the ceiling.
  • Exhale and slowly deliver your leg down.
  • Repeat the identical course of with the left leg.
  • Follow this motion on each legs for 3 minutes.

2. Cross crawl

Right here additionally, you will be utilizing your arm which can stretch the torso and shoulders. The knee bending will stimulate your stomach organs and strengthen your thigh and calf muscular tissues. Whereas doing this pose, deliver your consciousness to the navel area.

Steps to carry out

  • Hold mendacity in your again along with your arms beside your physique.
  • Inhale and bend your proper knee. Deliver the knee as near the chest as doable.
  • Concurrently, carry your left arm and take it again to the bottom as you’d whereas swimming backstroke.
  • Deliver your leg and arm to the unique place and relaxation for 2-3 seconds.
  • Repeat the identical course of with the left leg and proper arm.
  • Follow this motion alternatively for 3 minutes.

3. Downward-facing canine

downward facing dog pose | adho mukha Svanasana
Picture: Canva

Identical to the normal downward-facing canine of hatha yoga, this inversion pose encourages blood and power circulation to the top. This can activate the third eye and the crown chakra to boost your focus and focus.

Steps to carry out

  • Stand straight along with your ft unfold shoulder ft aside.
  • Lengthen your backbone and bend down out of your hips.
  • Place your arms on the bottom along with your arms unfold barely narrower than shoulder width. 
  • Unfold your fingers and make the information of the thumbs of each arms contact one another, if doable.
  • Elevate weight off of your shoulders by drawing your hips up and again whereas sustaining core stability. 
  • Hold your elbows and knees straight however don’t lock these joints. Let your head cling freely.
  • Maintain this pose for 3 minutes whereas taking deep breaths.

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4. Cobra pose

Cobra-Pose for back pain
Picture: Canva

Though the goal is barely totally different, the apply of this pose is akin to Hatha yoga. The cobra pose is utilized in Kundalini yoga to steadiness the Apana Vayu. Moreover, it improves the circulation of prana power, channelling it within the route of the upper chakras.

Steps to carry out

  • Lie down in your abdomen. 
  • Place your forearms beside your ribs and your legs joined collectively. The highest of the ft ought to be positioned flat on the bottom.
  • Put your chin on the bottom and produce your arms to be positioned beneath your shoulders. Unfold your fingers to create a agency base to unfold the load evenly.
  • Inhale and carry your head, chest, and backbone upwards whereas maintaining your pelvis and legs on the mat. 
  • Hold your shoulders away out of your ears and shoulder blades pressed in direction of the again. Make sure that your arms are shoulder-width aside.
  • Your decrease physique, from the pelvis to the toes will stay in touch with the bottom.
  • Keep on this pose for two minutes whereas practising Breath of Fireplace.

5. Yoga crunch

In crunches, the torso is bent up and down whereas isolating the motion of the legs.

The up-and-down motion of this pose focuses on constructing power within the navel area, often called manipura chakra in yoga. Because the stomach muscular tissues are pressed and launched, it’ll strengthen the core muscular tissues whereas stimulating the stomach organs as properly. Your backbone can also be lengthened and stretched which can assist in the free circulation of power.

Steps to carry out

  • Flip over onto your again, bend your knees, and put your ft hip-distance aside on the bottom.
  • Widening your elbows, entwine your arms behind your head.
  • As you increase your head off the ground, use your arms to brace it. Keep away from pulling along with your arms or arms.
  • Preserve a straight decrease again all through the exercise.
  • Take a gradual breath in, then slowly curl up whereas contracting your stomach muscular tissues whereas exhaling to the depend to 6.
  • Inhale and as you progress again, regularly calm down your stomach muscular tissues.
  • Proceed with this motion for two minutes.

6. Stretch pose

Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose

This kundalini yoga pose is used to stretch all the physique in a supine place. It revitalizes and cleanses the blood whereas additionally refreshing the nervous system and strengthening the stomach organs. The third eye chakra, which calms the thoughts and boosts vanity, is one other space that the stretch posture concentrates on.

The strengthening of the reproductive organs on this pose makes it particularly helpful for ladies.

Steps to carry out

  • Lie down in your again.
  • Lengthen the again of your neck and carry your shoulder and higher again off the bottom. 
  • Elevate your decrease leg roughly 6 inches from the bottom. Hold your decrease again on the bottom and repair your gaze on the information of your toes.
  • Hold your hand stretched out in entrance of you with palms down however not touching your physique. It’s also possible to place them beside you, with palms dealing with inwards and barely lifted from the bottom.
  • If you happen to really feel any discomfort in your decrease again, place your arms below your buttocks for assist or calmly relaxation the heel on the bottom. 
  • Follow Breath of Fireplace on this pose.
  • Follow this pose for 3 minutes.

7. Leg Thrusts

This pose is a variation of the cross crawl. The power of the navel and decrease chakras are introduced into concord by this pose.

Steps to carry out

  • Hold mendacity in your again and lift each knees as much as your chest.
  • Deliver your knees to your chest. Hold your arms beside your physique, palms dealing with down. Alternatively, place your hand below your buttocks should you want additional assist.
  • Inhale and straighten your left leg in order that it’s only some inches off the bottom. Swap your legs as you exhale.
  • Proceed this biking movement for two minutes whereas taking deep highly effective breaths.

8. Bow pose

Kundalini Yoga Bow Pose

With this pose, we’re capable of direct the power we’ve got been creating towards the guts chakra, giving us a way of brightness and openness. By producing power within the navel area, this pose additionally stimulates the power within the backbone and enhances digestion.

Steps to carry out

  • Flip round and lie in your abdomen.
  • Elevate your decrease leg whereas bringing the ft near the buttocks. The soles of your ft will likely be down such that the toes ought to be pointed in direction of the top.
  • Take your arms to the again and grasp the ankles or tops of the ft. 
  • Push out your shins as you carry your head and higher torso. Pull in your arms to keep up steadiness within the pose. 
  • Hold your elbows straight and lengthen the again of your neck. 
  • Maintain this pose and breath lengthy deep breaths.
  • Follow it for two minutes.

9. Relaxation on abdomen

Simply because the title suggests, this can be a enjoyable pose to assist your physique take the time to soak up the power generated until now. It’s going to additionally assist you to maintain until the top of the sequence.

Lay in your abdomen along with your head turned to the aspect and your arms subsequent to your physique. Spend 1-minute respiratory and enjoyable.

10. Baby’s pose with arms in entrance

child pose or balasana
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

The kid’s pose can also be a calming pose however right here the slight inversion brings the power and blood circulation to the top. Additionally it is a good way to regularly lengthen and stretch the backbone and neck which can enable the kundalini to ascend to the crown chakra simply.

Steps to carry out

  • Hold mendacity in your again and ensure the highest of your ft are mendacity flat on the bottom.
  • Along with your brow touching the bottom, carry your pelvis and place your buttocks in your heels. 
  • You’ll be able to create a spot between your thighs in case you are unable to press your stomach absolutely.
  • Hold your arms shoulder-width aside and stretched out in entrance of you.
  • Maintain the pose for 1 minute whereas respiratory usually.

11. Camel pose

With this pose, we’re capable of direct the power we’ve got been creating towards the guts chakra, giving us a way of brightness and openness.

Steps to carry out

  • Stand up till your torso is straight and you might be standing in your shins and knees. Fingers ought to be positioned on hips.
  • Pull in your abdomen to assist your decrease again. Roll your shoulder blades again and all the way down to open your chest.
  • Take a deep breath in and lift your chest.
  • Regularly tilt again until you’ll be able to maintain your heels. 
  • If you happen to lack flexibility, hold your arms in your hips along with your chest open large in direction of the sky.
  • Elevate your head again should you discover it appropriate to your neck. 
  • Maintain the pose for 1 minute.

12. Baby’s pose with arms alongside the physique

balasana (child's pose)
Picture: Canva

The ultimate baby’s pose is to counter the above camel pose in regard to spinal decompression. The flexion of the spinal column will assist launch any stress or blockage within the chakras and bodily enhance the flexibleness of the backbone.

Steps to carry out

  • As you come again to the unique place from the camel pose, slowly sit down in your heels.
  • Bend your torso down from the waist and place your brow on the bottom.
  • Place the arms at your sides, palms dealing with up.
  • Spend 1 minute on this place whereas taking an everyday breath.

13. Deep rest in Shavasana

shavasana with bolster
Picture: Canva

The deep rest technique utilized in Kundalini Yoga is akin to how we end a hatha yoga apply with Savasana (Corpse Pose). Its objective is to permit the physique to expertise and embrace the transformations that the kriyas result in.

All it’s important to do is get in your again and hold your arms by your aspect along with your palms up. For five to 7 minutes, relaxation whereas maintaining your eyes closed.


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